Everything We Know About Resident Evil 8; Release Date, Gameplay, Characters, Story, And More

With Resident Evil 2 just around the corner, the fever for Capcom’s beloved zombie apocalyptic franchise reaches a new high. Of course, we’re all very excited for the remake of a childhood classic.

But it’s not exactly a progression of the franchise itself. But rather, it’s a trip down memory lane. So what do we know about the inevitable continuation of the franchise with Resident Evil 8?

Release Date

Now let’s get this out of the way first. We don’t have a confirmed date on when Resident Evil 8 will be releasing. What we do have confirmation on, is that the game is in its early stages of development, however.

Members of the Resident Evil 7 team specifically were the ones who spoke out about this. Saying that Biohazard(RE:7) was always planned to sort of be a reboot of the franchise after Resident Evil 6.

The executive producer of Resident Evil 7, Jun Takeuchi also added more insight into this in April 2017. This was during an interview that was also sort of a documentary on the making of Biohazard.

We’re already thinking of various plans for the next game, but we also want to see how we can continue to evolve survival-horror itself. In the next few years, technology will continue to advance and what players want may also change but we will always want to create horror experiences where the characters overcome a difficult situation.

The video of this interview can be found here:

What To Expect?

So characters escaping various difficult situations. This is all we have to currently go on regarding what the next Resident Evil game could have in store for us. This isn’t really any surprise since the games have always operated on that concept. Like Leon trying to survive on his first day as a police officer. Or Jake and Sherry escaping Ustanak in Resident Evil 6.

This concept was also revisited in true RE fashion in the events of Resident Evil 7. Which put players in the shoes of Ethan. Who has to save his wife and himself from the crazy and mutated Baker family household. Unlike the previous installments, specifically 5 and 6. Biohazard strayed away from the action-packed vibe of its predecessors. Instead, they focused more on the survival horror aspect of the more classic RE games, like 2.

Capcom looks like they’re sticking to that vibe. Seeing as how they’ve remade Resident Evil 2. As well as how they’ve referred to Resident Evil 7 as a reboot to the franchise. Steering it back in the direction of classic horror instead of over the top action.

Who Could We Be Playing As?

Resident Evil 7 introduced us to a new character, Ethan. Whether or not we’ll continue to play as him in the future is uncertain. Though he was shown to survive the events of Biohazard and left with an infection. Something we might see come back to bite him in the ass later. Ethan has had first-hand experience with the Bakers, who were a private bioweapon of sorts.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen a rookie character attain a major role. Leon Kennedy is one of the franchise’s most beloved characters. He probably is the most actually, and he started off as a rookie police officer. His next appearance is within the remake, though again. It’s a nostalgia trip, so we do hope to see Leon make his comeback in Resident Evil 8.

Another candidate is the original protagonist of the Resident Evil franchise, Chris Redfield. We’ve already gotten a first-hand experience regarding how Redfield would play in the dynamic that Resident Evil 7 established. It’ll definitely be a welcome experience to take up that mantle again for Resident Evil 8.

A slightly underrated and arguably unused fan-favorite is Ada Wong. Who we haven’t experienced enough of, despite her major role throughout the franchise. The biggest sample we’ve had of her was her campaign in Resident Evil 6. The Resident Evil 2 remake is also going to let us play as her. So it’s not far fetched to assume that Resident Evil 8 may not have similar plans.

Possible Settings

The Resident Evil games have taken us to several locations by now. Like Racoon city, Tokyo, Chechnya, and multiple others. Resident Evil 7 slightly deterred from its recent predecessors by having the entire setting being in a household map. Focusing more on the small scale claustrophobic sense of fear that the classic Resident Evil 2 game brought about. Could we expect the same type of closed spaces in Resident Evil 8?

Which location would be cool to visit. Maybe more developing country type locales. Such as Africa, Brazil or India. The lack of infrastructure that these areas have could serve as a more interesting and desperation increasing vibes for fans of the series as well as newcomers.

If not a house, perhaps Resident Evil 8 could be placed and based on a different structure of the building. Imagine the creepy setting of an infected school/college building. With the enemies taking the role of infected classmates, teachers and the like. It could open up several branching out opportunities regarding what kind of story or missions could be explored.

Who Will Be Involved With The Game?

Here’s a slightly exciting piece of information that we have on the making of Resident Evil 8. Shinji Mikami might be involved in the development process.

Shinji Mikami for those that don’t know, is the director of both the original Resident Evil, as long as Resident Evil 4. Since his departure from the franchise, he’s been more focused on the development of his Evil Within games. During an interview with PCGamesN, Mikami was asked if he would return to direct Resident Evil 8. Along with the ability of creative freedom over the game. To which he responded, “I might”.

Keep in mind that this is pure speculation currently, just a fan’s hopes and dreams basically. One that’s hopefully realized.


Resident Evil 7’s deviation to a first-person survival horror was definitely riveting to experience. Hopefully, the return of that vibe is seen in Resident Evil 8 whenever it releases.

Assuming the game will be next gen, which is highly likely. The upgrade in visuals, graphics, performance, and overall accessibility is hopefully a big step in the direction of progress as well.

My personal favorite character is Leon Kennedy, though I doubt he’ll be the center of attention in Resident Evil 8. Considering that he already is in the upcoming remake. So I’ll settle for a good focus on Ada Wong at least. Who we still don’t get enough of.

How does the success of the Resident Evil 2 remake affect Capcom’s plans?

The Resident Evil 2 remake recently released to a very successful opening week. Earning over 3 million copies sold worldwide. In fact, they actually surpassed Resident Evil 7 which earned around 2.5 million. This pretty much cemented Capcom on their redirection to the horror genre once more.

Resident Evil 7 was a test run and the RE 2 remake was basically a revisit to the RE video game series roots. The overwhelming success compared to Resident Evil 5 and 6 adds to the sentiment of going classic.

In the wake of the RE 2 remake, Capcom did say that they will be remastering Resident Evil 3 in the future. That means we’ll be seeing Nemesis in sweet HD once more. But their next project is Resident Evil 8 most likely, since we know it’s been in some extent of development for sure.

Hopefully the rumored Resident Evil live-action series doesn’t hinder the development of Resident Evil 8.