Candy Crush Franchise Still Ahead of Pokemon Go and Fortnite in Terms of Sales

Candy Crush is a mobile game that all gamers know about or at least have played once. Candy Crush is a puzzle themed game developed by King. It might seem like a game from the past but it’s still bringing in huge revenue leaving behind popular games like Fortnite and PUBG.

As reported by Sensor Tower, Candy Crush series finished the year 2018 with over $1.5 billion in terms of player spending. And that’s a lot. More interestingly, the original Candy Crush Saga game which released back in 2012 contributed 63% to the total revenue of Candy Crush Franchise which is about $945 million overall. That is the total number of revenue generated from its game on iOS and Android both.

The latest Candy Crush Friends Saga game which launched in October has become the second most downloaded game in the franchise.

All told, the Candy Crush series added close to 230 million new mobile players last year, its most since 2016 and a 17 percent increase over 2017.

As for competitors like Pokemon Go, the game has made over $800 million on both Android and iOS platforms. On the other side, Fortnite mobile has generated more than half a billion in 2018 but those numbers are for iOS devices only. This is because Fortnite on Android is only available through their own website. However, it’s confirmed that Candy Crush game franchise is very far ahead in numbers.

Pokemon Go is still managing to bring in some impressive results even after years of release and new related games on platforms like Nintendo Switch. Recently we got to know that the total Networth of Niantic Labs will soon be close to a $4 billion. Niantic Labs is behind the insanely popular Pokemon Go game on mobile. It was reported that the company has managed to raise $200 million from recent funding which helps their networth increase further.

This investment tells us how everyone still believes in the future of Pokemon mobile game and in Niantic Labs. Pokemon Go also comes in the top 100 charts of the most downloaded mobile game in the US.

Now when it comes to Fortnite, it stands out from other games as it’s almost available on every platform possible. You can play Fortnite online on iOS, Android, Mac, Windows, PS4, Nintendo Switch and Xbox One. It’s being played by everyone.

Fortnite is also the only current game that’s searched the most and everywhere. Yes, Fortnite was one of the most searched terms on the world famous Porn site that is PornHub. PornHub also made it clear that with every new character, search rate increased on PornHub site. So there’s a lot more audience to come maybe from PornHub to Fortnite mobile in upcoming years.

Fortnite also was the most searched game on Google search engine leaving behind big games like Red Dead Redemption. Fortnite does take advantage of it being available on every platform and Epic Games is doing their best to keep this trend going. Latest Fortnite patch notes have also confirmed a suppressed sniper rifle which can be your next favorite weapon in the game.