The Elder Scrolls Online Next Expansion is Called Elsweyr, Datamine Reveals

The Elder Scrolls Online released back in 2014. It’s developed by ZeniMax Online Studios and published by Bethesda Softworks. It is still one of the best MMORPG games that you can play right now. Developers are still bringing new content to the game and according to the latest data mine, the upcoming expansion of ESO in 2019 is called Elsweyr.

This data-mine of ESO: Elsweyr was found on Elder Scrolls Online forums. You can check it out here to know who was involved in data mining ESO: Elsweyr. This Elder Scrolls Online expansion adds a new zone called Elsweyr. ESO: Elsweyr expansion also brings a new class Necromancer and makes Dragons your new enemy in the game.

The description of Elder Scrolls Online: Elsweyr according to the data mine is as follows.

Venture to the land of the Khajiit in The Elder Scrolls Online: Elsweyr, our newest chapter, an epic story in an all-new zone. Face dread creatures from the past—Dragons!—and discover the dark skills of a new character class, the Necromancer, as you join with new friends and old enemies to save Elsweyr from war and devastation.

ESO reaches new heights of storytelling with a war against the Dragons that unfolds and builds over four quarterly releases to an unexpected climax.

New Features

  • New zone: Elsweyr
  • New class: Necromancer
  • New “enemies”: Dragons
  • Overarching plotline throughout all of 2019’s releases

Shortly after, Bethesda acknowledged the leak by saying that “Cat’s out of the bag” on Twitter. That’s why Bethesda Softworks shortly announced that they are going to hold a live stream event for upcoming DLC content of The Elder Scrolls Online. Bethesda wrote on their site that a massive announcement is on its way.

To watch it live, visit Twitch here on Tuesday, January 15 at 5:00 PM EST to know about the upcoming DLC content of The Elder Scrolls Online in 2019. The stream is to be hosted by Creative Director Rich Lambert as he announces what’s coming to ESO in 2019.

Not only that, Bethesda is also giving away some goodies depending on the concurrent views on that live stream on Twitch. Bethesda advises you to watch it live with your friends. Each time the stream hits a player count as mentioned by Bethesda, the players will receive some exclusive rewards.

The rewards with requirements are as follows.

  • 55k concurrent viewers: A unique Wallpaper based on the next Chapter’s concept art
  • 70k concurrent viewers: A Hot Pepper Bantam Guar pet for all ESO players across all platforms
  • 90k concurrent viewers: Rich will commit to getting an ESO tattoo somewhere (SFW) on his body!

There’s also an ESO pre-stream show planned. Details about it will be revealed soon. Bethesda noted that the night will be full of “announcements, big-time reveals, and laughs” so make sure to join in.

2019 looks like another interesting year for ESO fans and we are expecting some big news. Do take it all with a grain of salt and wait till January 15 which is when we will officially know about what’s included in the new expansion and what’s it really called.