Something Fantastic 4 Related Coming To Insomniac’s Spider-Man Soon

This might have something to do with the teaser from Marvel about the number 4. But we do know for sure that something Fantastic 4 related is coming to Spider-Man. This was announced by a Marvel tweet, which Insomniac then retweeted. Suspicious stuff indeed.

Insomniac’s Spider-Man was Marvel’s biggest success in the gaming industry last year alongside Spider-Verse which was their cinematic success. The game continues to add content with the “City that never sleeps” package. This involved three DLCs with new story missions, characters and suits. So which out of these could this “Fantastic” addition be?

The webhead has had encounters with the Fantastic 4 in the past. So this is most likely a reference to that Marvel family. Spidey’s even been a member of their team at some point, hence the popular belief that the teaser is for a new suit.

Insomniac’s setting for Spider-Man, however, is set in the extended Marvel universe. Since players can find the Avengers tower in game. Alongside the Wakandan embassy and the Sanctum Sanctorum. It’s not far fetched to assume that in a setting where the Avengers, Black Panther, and Dr. Strange exist, the Fantastic 4 exist as well.

Does this mean they’ll be making an actual appearance though? Or just a hint drop/comic homage in the form of a new suit. Either way, we’ll know soon enough.

As it is right now, we’ve received the Raimi suit in a recent Christmas update, as well as the Spider-Verse suit in the Silver Linings dlc. That one being the last of three episodes in the City that never sleeps season pass. This means whatever this “Fantastic” edition in Spider-Man is, it may not be part of the season pass.

Does this mean that it won’t be available to buyers of the deluxe edition? Or perhaps it’s an exclusive add-on in its own right. Whether it’s free or not is left to be seen.

The Fantastic 4 have had somewhat of a rough patch in today’s pop culture. With their live-action movies have not made much of an impact at all. The one that did, was NOT a good impact in any way.

And come to think of it, the Fantastic 4 have never really had their own proper game. Successfully I mean, the closest we’ve got to one is playing as them in the Ultimate Alliance games.

Maybe the Fantastic 4 in Spider-Man could be the return they need. Can Insomniac redeem the 4 the way they’ve propelled the Webhead to new heights? Let’s wait and see.

Spider-Man launched exclusively on Sony’s PlayStation 4 on September 7, 2018. There are yet no plans for its release on Microsoft’s Xbox One, but one can hope!