Devil May Cry 5 Second Demo Adds a New Punch Line and More

The second demo for Devil May Cry 5 was announced earlier this week by Capcom, on their website. Capcom has now confirmed that the second demo of DmC 5 will be available on both Xbox One and Playstation 4 consoles, starting February 7, 2019. The first demo was only available on the Xbox One.

If you haven’t seen the recent Q&A session from Hideaki Itsuno, the game’s director: he shared that this second demo will be a “little different” than the previous one. Hideaki didn’t reveal further details, but earlier today, Capcom has updated their official Devil May Cry 5 website with information regarding the second demo.

The second demo will feature a brand-new Punch Line, which might end up becoming a meme. I’m only foreshadowing the near future! Aside from the Punch Line, Nico’s shop will now be unlocked for players’ use. There was no Nico shop in the first demo, but we’re looking forward to that in the second demo. The shop will give us an idea of how hard/easy the final release will be, and if there are any new unique elements involved.

Finally, the last thing that Capcom has said on their website, is that, players will finally be able to save their progress in the DmC 5 demo. That means that as long as the demo is live, you don’t need to keep your console awake all the time. Just save the game. Turn off the console or play another game, and if you wish to come back, just come back and everything will be as it was originally.

While you’re here, be sure to check out Devil May Cry 5 Is 15 Hours Long. Considering the fact that the actual game has 15 hours of story content, there might be some substantial content in the demo too.

On a closing note, I’m really looking forward to listening to the full version of the Devil Trigger songs while I fling my Cerberus to hack those demons away. Nothing’s getting between my trusty Cerberus and these demons’ necks. While the soundtrack still isn’t out, I’m betting my bitcoins on the Subhuman song. The name itself sounds pretty great.

Devil May Cry series finally have a Co-Op mode too. Online Co-Op, to be exact. One player can play as Nero, while the other as Dante and the final one as V. There are infinite possibilities. You can check out more of that here: Co-Op Multiplayer Confirmed for Devil May Cry 5