Here is How You Could Get Destiny 2 Black Armory The Last Word Based on Datamine

The fabled revolver once wielded by the legendary hunter, Jaren Ward, is coming to Destiny 2. A Destiny 2 Black Armory datamine revealed more info regarding the exotic quest for the Destiny 2 Last Word.

The next content addition that was confirmed for the Destiny 2 Black Armory is an exotic quest. Not just any quest, however, but a quest for the legendary Destiny 2 Last Word hand cannon. A revolver with a Western style fan the hammer method of shooting. One that decimated enemies at close range while looking insanely stylish as it did so,

We already know that the quest for the Destiny 2 Last Word will be released at the end of this month. Reddit user Ginsor revealed a bit more on the Last Word specifically. From what it looks like, the weapon retains its heart from the original game, but some of its signature mechanics have been changed for Destiny 2. Similar to what was done to the Ace of Spades come to think of it.

The Last Word’s ability to auto fire from the hip in the cowboy fan the hammer style is reportedly returning. Faster reload and increased accuracy on successful hip fire damage was also a seemingly inclusive feature. The Last Word’s rate of fire may have been nerfed in comparison to its predecessor in Destiny 1. Though there may be an invisible rate of fire boost similar to the full auto perk on shotguns.

Regarding the exotic quest itself, Ginsor’s datamine revealed a snippet of more details. A particular one centered around who we’re expected to fight for possession of the Last Word. Those being the Drifter and Hive, including a boss fight with an enemy named “Enkaar”. The exotic quest also includes trips to the Crucible, so expect a lot of competition of players going after the Destiny 2 Last word.

Besides what the Destiny 2 Black Armory Datamine told us about the upcoming quest. Bungie themselves confirmed to us that the quest won’t be time gated. Something they became notorious for doing with their previous exotic quests. Time gated for those that don’t know, means that even if you wanted, you can’t finish the quest before an established time.

This is due to the developers breaking the quest into parts and releasing it over an established time period. Such as weeks or months. The quest for the Destiny 2 Last Word can be done by players at their own pace upon the quest’s availability at the end of this month.

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