New Alienware Area-51m is a Beast of a Laptop and It’s Fully Upgradeable

We have got our first look at the most powerful laptop of the future at CES 2019 and it’s from Alienware. Alienware revealed their new Area-51m laptop at CES 2019 and soon it was nothing compared to others at the event or anything we have seen before. What makes Alienware Area-51m different from others is its unique ability to be fully upgradeable which is something PC players always dream of.

Alienware Area-51m is the flagship device of the company and it starts at the price of $2,549. Don’t worry it’s very easy to upgrade. This is because it features slots for desktop-class CPU and GPU inside along with upgradeable components like RAM memory and even the storage.

Alienware took the stage to announce this beast by saying that it’s the “world’s most powerful gaming laptop.” Once you have it, you can run it on the latest 9th generation Intel Core i9-9900K CPU along with Nvidia GeForce TRX 2080 GPU, 64GB of DDR4 memory and storage options including RAID0 options.

Alienware Area-51m comes with 144Hz G-SYNC 17″ Full HD display allowing you to play games in 4K. Currently, that’s the only not upgradeable part as of now.

This laptop also comes with Tobii eye tracking which has features like wake up and ability to track your head pose. This also allows features like secure login with face ID, presence, fine gaze, foveated rendering, and eye position.

Alienware has designed this laptop by keeping PC players in mind and they are working hard to make it possible with Area-51m.

Gamers have made it clear that they’ve noticed a lack of CPU and GPU upgradability in gaming laptops.

The Area-51m was engineered with this in mind, finally allowing gamers to harness power comparable to even the highest-performance desktop.

CPU upgrades can be done using standard desktop-class processors, while GPU upgrades can be done via onboard graphics module replacement or with the Alienware Graphics Amplifier.

To make it possible, Alienware has also put on labels on different components to make it easy to change parts inside. Along with labels, specs for screws are also there to make it all easy and possible. Not only that, but there are also pull covers inside to make it easier for you to take components out. Instructions to take out CPU and GPU is also a part of the package. You also get a label saying that take out the battery first to prevent the risk of electrocution.

Now the only drawback you are going to have with a laptop like Area-51m is the limitation of some components. Like the CPU which is easily upgraded but it needs to be compatible with Intel’s Z390 chipset. Now that’s something that looks like won’t be possible due to it being outdated and resulting in upgrade limitations in the future.

As for the GPU, it uses proprietary Dell Graphics Form Factor (DGFF) which is also something that won’t stay for long in the future limiting you further.

These are common questions in everyone’s mind but Co-founder Frank Azor of Alienware has them figured out. He said: “If customers don’t show demand for it, it’ll be a novelty and then it’ll fade away”.

As for the price, Alienware Area-51m starts at $2,549 and will be shipped on January 29.