Everything You Need to Know Before You Buy Anthem

One of the most anticipated and hyped game of 2019 is Anthem which is totally justifiable with it is a sci-fi action game being third-person shooter having lethal weaponry and you being a freelancer going out to explore the world and fighting your enemies armored in the javelin exosuits leaving the player in total awe and overexcited for what’s about to come.

Things to Know before Buying Anthem

However, before the game is released and we get busy in exploring and unwinding the game there are some things you guys ought to know. Here are things you should know before buying Anthem.

1. Not an MMO

First things first, the game is online which can also be played solo but is up to four players co-op, designed for you to play it with your gaming squad but the game is NOT MMO.

It’ll be just you and your three friends on an adventurous journey together trying to take control of the technology that shapers left behind on the planet before the enemies get their hands on it and misuse it.

Apart from it, you’ll have some characters that may help you in your missions as well.

2. Matchmaking and Loot System

You can choose your friends to play with or can use the matchmaking system and can play with strangers in the game. None of your friend’s decision will be affecting you.

After defeating your enemy, you can collect the loot but it can’t be shared with them. When you finish off the mission with other players, you can go and do other missions with them as well.

With time, new missions with a story will also be added to the game. Your difficulty level also depends on how many players will be there in the team.

3. Javelin Exosuits Play a Key Role

The players will be armored in the javelin exosuits that they have to pilot in their combats. The suits are highly modernized and advanced giving the player a variety of choices.

A player can choose between javelins and all of them has their advantages and are unique in their own way.

  • Colossus is the more heavily armored javelin actually used for greater and wide-area destruction being the only javelin strong enough to support the heavy machine gun.
  • Interceptor is lightly armored in comparison to ranger or colossus but is really efficient with impeccable agility and is really fast in doing damage and escaping from the enemies.
  • Storm will be unlocked when you’ll be more immersed in the game and close to the boss enemy. Storm uses deeper science for its movement as if it was created by Tony Stark.
  • Ranger is one of the types benefiting you in taking down your small enemies. The gadgets in it do a good amount of damage clearing up your path for the more dangerous enemies.

All of these javelins are phenomenal and thoroughly thought out, just waiting for the player to master their abilities. They can be switched during combats so the suitable can be used in particular combats.

4. Javelin Customization and Weaponry

For escalating the experience more, the javelins are customizable which means every and each part of the javelins can be made on demand of the player’s desire and need from what skin color to what weapons he wants in his javelin, all of this which you’ll be unlocking slowly in your levels.

You’ll have pistols, guns, grenades, your own melee abilities and performing combos with the other players to defeat the enemies.

In combats when running low on health or ammo, you have to kill enemies and pick up whatever health and material get dropped.

Even though BioWare cleared it out that the game will be having no loot boxes, the player will be using their money in buying cosmetics and vanity items but no power or prizes from the loot boxes.

You are a pilot in the game who’ll be wearing javelin having its own level which can be upgraded. Your melee ability and ultimate is permanent in each javelin but your grenades and guns can be changed to whatever you unlock further in the level.

5. Replayability and PVP Elements

Your loot and difficulty levels have varieties and will change providing with better and more efficient stuff and exciting gameplay. You may also want to revisit missions on different, higher levels

According to BioWare, there will be no PvP at launch as it limits weaponry but it’s still unclear if it will come later though it is highly unlikely. The lead producer also told us about the absence of romance between players in them.