New Stash UI in Plans for Black Ops 4 Blackout, Treyarch Teases

If you are someone who hates the current limited UI in Black Ops 4 Blackout when looting items then we have some great news for you as it’s going to change soon. Design director David Vonderhaar of Treyarch has been revealing some in-progress work on the new Stash UI through his Twitter account.

The current Stash UI allows only one item to be viewed and it gets very annoying when you have to scroll through several tabs on the console to find what you want. Black Ops 4 Blackout Stashes can be filled with items so it takes some time and it’s longer to do on consoles as compared to that on PC.

According to the tease by David Vonderhaar, they are going to replace the current 2×5 grid system by somewhat similar to the pick 10 system menu that’s part of the online multiplayer. Treyarch mentioned that they are looking to convert it into three rows instead of the current two.

The main change from the [paper] design is that this now anchors are the bottom of your screen the same way Quick Equip does. I like this change a lot. You can still look around and understand how to look at blocked areas of your screen as a result. Even when it’s 3 rows.

This grid will now be shown above the equip bar clearing up more space on the screen for a better view if you want to spot any enemies. It’s not final so things could turn out to be different when it arrives.

However, this confirms that Treyarch acknowledges the common problem and is working on a fix. This new Black Ops 4 Blackout Stash UI fix is currently being playtested by the developers so expect it to arrive sometime soon.

Treyarch has been working hard on improving the overall Blackout experience in Black Ops 4 since its launch. This change could arrive in the next and first update of Black Ops 4 in 2019.

In other Black Ops 4 news, the game is slowly getting filled with microtransactions. Treyarch played very smart with it. They released the game without any mention of Microtransactions in Black Ops 4 at launch but activated them later through update after a month or so.

Treyarch was recently seen selling two skins for $20 or 15 hours of grind forcing people to take the easy route to get hands on them.

Black Ops 4 new DLC is now also available in the game. This new Black Ops 4 DLC brings the latest Dead of the Night chapter to the game for zombie fans of the game. Dead of the Night features Kiefer Sutherland, Helena Bonham Carter, Charles Dance, and Brian Blessed.

Other than that, two new maps called Elevation and Madagascar are now also available to play. The Elevation map is based on a village in Nepal. It’s similar to a few mountainy locations in Uncharted. Madagascar is pretty fun to play with SMGs and is also featured on Map Pack Moshpit playlist.

Black Ops 4 with its Blackout mode is now available to play on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.