Blizzard Confirms Another LGBTQ Overwatch Hero, And It’s Soldier 76 Who’s Gay

Overwatch’s latest addition to the in game lore was recently released. Going by the name of “Bastet, it is a short story written by Michael Chu, story writer of the Overwatch team. In his most recent work, the next LGBTQ Overwatch hero was confirmed, Jack Morrison. You heard it right, Solider 76 is gay, and that’s official.

Bastet was a story focused primarily on the Overwatch hero Ana Amari who’s on a mission to kill a target in Cairo. Abdul Hakim, a dictator in the name of a king who’s sucking the land dry.

During her mission, she comes across Jack, who masked himself as the vigilante known as Soldier 76. Ana still immediately recognizes him and later on takes him in after he’s wounded.

During their reunion and pep talk, it’s revealed that Jack has had a romantic relationship in the past. That being with a dark haired man named Vincent as depicted in the picture he was holding.

In remarks to it, Ana asked if he still “kept the candle lit” for him. To which he replied that Vincent was married and happy now. This does, however, pretty much confirm that Soldier 76 is gay, making him another addition to the LGBTQ roster of Overwatch. Alongside Tracer who was revealed as a lesbian a while ago.

This was a bit of a sudden reveal considering nothing about Soldier 76’s sexuality was discussed or referenced before. The game design of Overwatch also revolves around the multiplayer shooter MOBA aspect. Lore, world-building, and storytelling all being done outside the game itself. It’s not even confirmed whether everything we’ve learned so far was planned from the start. Or did Blizzard just come up with the story of each individual character as they progressed on with the development and balancing of the game?

That begs to question whether or not Soldier 76 was meant to be gay from the start. Since it’s possible that they added the idea into this late story just to appease the fanbase. A fairly big chunk of the people following Overwatch don’t even actually play it. But rather stick around for interests in the LGBTQ Overwatch characters and the whole idea of PC pop culture in video games. These are most probably the same fans that went insane over Tracer’s butt in a victory pose.

Is Soldier 76 being gay a proper step in the advancement of LGBTQ Overwatch characters and overall gay acceptance in society as a whole? Or is it another last second, a forced move that was made in order to appease the SJW fanbase? Food for thought.