Jim Carrey References Sonic The Hedgehog Movie During The Golden Globes

The awards show was quite eventful as it is every year. My personal favorite highlight was Spider-Verse beating out Disney and Pixar for the animated feature award. Another little golden nugget was when Jim Carrey mentioned Sonic the Hedgehog as his movie role of 2019. This was during a skit with Andy Samberg that I definitely hope was just a funny bit.

Jim Carrey takes on the role of Sonic’s nemesis and antagonist of the movie, Doctor Eggman/Robotnik. How he’ll play this character, however, is left to be speculated until November.

When asked to leave his seat due to being situated in the movies section (Mr. Carrey had no movies in 2018), he defended himself. Saying he just got done with a movie, that movie being Sonic the Hedgehog.

Co-host and Saturday Night Live star Andy Samberg clapped back with “I’m sure that’ll get nominated next year” after which we see Carrey switch seats. Taking his dinner along with him with some pronounced disdain. Just banter, I hope.

All we know about the movie otherwise is a questionable poster and a brief teaser as well. Both of which had a very mixed reception, most of it being fear and discomfort.

I mean yes, Sonic has been naked throughout the lifespan of the game series. But it was…in a retro game art style. Something Sega and Nintendo incorporate for a lot of their adorable fuzzy critters like Pokemon. Of course seeing Sonic’s bare, fuzzy and muscular legs in the poster reveal was…new, to say the least.

Just to clarify, however, there’s nothing wrong with live-action CGI critters. Pikachu looked absolutely adorable in the Detective Pikachu trailer. Which was received very well around the world, even by those who weren’t too keen on a live-action Pokemon in the first place. Hopefully, when this adaptation of Sonic is fully revealed, they managed to sway our thoughts. And heck it’ll be a huge comeback to Mr. Samberg’s roast if the Sonic the Hedgehog movie actually gets nominated or wins at the next Golden Globes.

Jim Carrey is no stranger to playing whackjobs or physical anomalies like the Mask. He’s also played a nefarious character in the form of the Grinch. There’s no reason to think he won’t be fit for playing Doctor Robotnik. Obviously, we’ll miss the signature voice that we’re all familiar with. But there’s a big difference between voice and physical acting.

I’m just hoping this movie subverts expectations and doesn’t end up being next Dragon Ball Evolution or Last Airbender. I do love the Sonic franchise dearly, so here’s to hoping.