Silver Screen Bottling’s Response to Nuka Dark Rum Controversy is Ridiculous

Fans were once again displeased with something that revolved around Fallout 76. In this case being the controversy surrounding the quality of the Nuka Dark Rum bottles. The company behind the product that allied with Bethesda, Siler Screen Bottling’s response did much more bad than it did well.

The apology wasn’t in any way a takeback on the shabby design of the bottle. In fact, it was actually defending what they went with. The “sorry” part actually being regarding how the consumers didn’t end up liking it. Which is one of the worst things an apology can be?

“This is a project we are extremely proud of and we are sorry that you feel that you were in any way deceived.”

Not the most genuine way to tell a customer what you did wrong honestly.

The controversy itself was when the video of the Nuka Dark Rum bottles was released. The video revealed that the bottle wasn’t the matte black glass material that promotional images depicted. Instead, they were regular glass bottles, encased in a Nuka shaped plastic casing. A cheap tactic that Silver Screen Bottling issued another response to, covering it up as fan service:

“The idea was that the bottle was housed in a vault of its own.”

Pretty low of a corporation to bank on seeming artistic and intellectual while actually just cutting costs and time. In all honesty, the main reason people were buying Nuka Dark Rum in the first place was for the gimmick.

Nobody actually wanted the nearly $80 drink. Since cheaper and more reliable rum could be purchased instead. The driving force behind the people that bought this product was the aesthetic of the bottle. Even that was taken away and enclosed in plastic. Leaving buyers with only a mediocre, overpriced drink.

This isn’t the first time the merchandise part of Fallout 76 has fallen short. The special edition incident with the replacement of promised canvas bags with cheaper nylon ones specifically. The amendment of which was just 500 atoms. One of the worst PR stunts the gaming industry has seen in a long time. In Bethesda’s defense though, they did end up sending back proper canvas bags.

Regarding the bottle issue, Bethesda has remained quiet mostly. Silver Screen Bottling’s response is the only feedback we’ve had so far regarding the backlash to the bottle quality. At the end of their response, Silver Screen added:

Now, if you don’t agree when you receive yours please let our team know by submitting a form in the “Questions About My Order” section below and we will work to make it right.

What this means exactly is vague (much like the bottle campaign itself). Will they be granting refunds? Or replacement bottles? Or, my favorite, 500 more atoms.