UPDATE: Overwatch Pro “Ellie” Leaving Second Wind Is Another Casuality Of Online Harassment

[UPDATE]: Turns out the Second Wind player, Ellie, was really an imposter. Blizzard Entertainment reached out to Kotaku and confirmed that Ellie was a “fabricated identity and is a smurf account”.

After investigating the matter, we found that ‘Ellie’ was a fabricated identity and is a smurf account–created by a veteran player to obfuscate their identity. The owner of Ellie’s account is a player with no current or prior involvement with any Overwatch Contenders or Overwatch League team. ‘Ellie’ was never formally submitted to the active roster of Second Wind and never played in a Contenders match.

Just last month Overwatch league’s minor team, Second Wind, included Ellie to its roster. However, Ellie’s sudden addition to the Second Wind roster prompted conspiracy theories over social media which eventually resulted in the Overwatch Pro, Ellie, leaving the Second Wind.

The reason gamers were suspicious of Ellie is the fact that Second Wind never revealed her full name. On the other hand, the entire roster of the Second Wind Overwatch team, except for Ellie, have their full names listed.

Gamers speculated that Ellie is probably a long time Overwatch Pro and switched to a smurf account for reasons ununknown. However, things quickly went south with gamers questioning Ellie’s identity and even her gender.

The fact that there are only a few female Overwatch Pros in the entire league might be the reason behind it. However, gamers started to speculate that Ellie could potentially be another notable Overwatch player who is impersonating as a female player.

So, to blow over these speculations and conspiracy theories, Ellie decided to live stream while playing Overwatch.

She also brought in another Overwatch pro with her on the stream, whom Ellie was suspected of being. All of this was an effort to prove they are different players.

But, instead of untangling the entire situation, things became much worse. One notable Overwatch pro, Daniel “Dafran” Francesca, speculated during a stream that Ellie wasn’t playing Overwatch, it was someone else and she was just talking.

Furthermore, banned Overwatch player “Haunt” argued in favor of Doxxing Ellie as Ellie herself posted pictures of a discord chat log for the discussion.

Eventually, this resulted in Ellie leaving the Second Wind. She posted “Sorry” over her Twitter account and she even deleted her Twitch account. The team noted that Ellie left because of “unforeseen reactions”. According to Second Wind Owner:

When we brought her onto the team, people acted like we had brought on a symbol of empowerment. I get that people meant well, but on one side, we had people questioning her legitimacy, issuing threats, etc. while on the other hand, we had people acting like they had found their Messiah. Between needing a player to live up to huge expectations and having to question their own safety, it seems that the OW community isn’t ready to just view a player as just a player. We wanted a player, but it seemed like the public wanted something else.

The eSports scene is mostly dominated by male players. However, that is not the issue, the issue is gamers not perceiving a player as a player but instead has a female player and a male player. Needless to say, Ellie leaving Second Wind generated responses from the Overwatch community.

All of this points out that these gamers questioning the identity of Ellie were nothing more than trolls. This is an issue that needs to be addressed as this will only scare away other female Overwatch pros or any other game’s.

We need to understand that trolling has a limit when it reaches to a point where a player decides to leave indicates that it has gone too far.

Source: Kotaku