Anthem Demo Dates Confirmed For Both VIP And Free Customers

Bioware’s open world multiplayer game is set to release in February this year. Players will have access to it before though. Details emerge of the Anthem Demo dates which are around the end of January and beginning of Feb. The dates differing due to one being for VIP customers, who pre-ordered the game. The other demo is for the general public. Also worth noting that Anthem’s demo will be available on all three platforms of Xbox, PlayStation, and PC.

The first Anthem demo that’s set for January’s end begins on the 25th, ending on the 27th. Those that attend the VIP demo will receive some sort of exclusive item in-game. One that’ll be carried onto the main game after its full release.

The free Anthem demo, on the other hand, will be available from February 1st till the 3rd. Both demos lasting about two days with the VIP one granting an exclusive item for players that take part.

The content in both demos minus the VIP freebie is pretty much identical. Featuring only two Javelins for use, one being the Ranger and the other still not announced yet. The player levels will start off at 10, capping at 15 for the duration of the Anthem demo. The progress made during it won’t carry over to the main game either.

Fort Tarsis, the Hub of the Anthem game world will be accessible and available in the Anthem demo, as well as a few traditional missions, including a stronghold. But not much else, since it’s still a demo after all.

Unlike the closed alpha testing that was conducted a couple of months ago, the demo is completely open to the public. Meaning it can be streamed, clipped and shared with whoever the customers/players of the demo want. It’ll also possibly serve as a low-key beta test for any last second bugs that Bioware may need to fix or clear out before the full release.

Bioware also stated that they have no current plans for a sequel to Anthem. Mainly because their strategy is more focused on servicing the game in the distant long run of years to come. Planning to continually add updates onto it rather than produce another part.

The other percentage of Bioware’s focus is most likely going on the new Dragon Age game that was teased not too long ago. Which would make sense for them to start properly working on and revealing more info since Anthem is on the brink of release.