Project Cars Developer Slightly Mad Studios Is Working On Its Very Own “Mad Box” Console

Sony and Microsoft aren’t the only ones working on their next-gen consoles. Project Cars developer, Slightly Mad Studios, has announced that it is working on its very own Mad Box console.

According to the studio, Mad Box console will be “the most powerful console ever built”. Speaking with Variety, Slightly Mad Studios’ Ian Bell confirmed that the Mad Box console will arrive in around 3 years and “it will be a console as is the Xbox and PlayStation”.

Interestingly, the studio claims that the Mad Box console will be equivalent of a “very fast PC two years from now”. This suggests that the console will pack quite a horsepower.

Not only that, the studio claims that Mad Box console will surpass both PlayStation 5 and Xbox Scarlett in terms of performance. Also, the studio plans to support major VR headsets too with its console. According to Ian Bell, Mad Box console is “beyond next-gen”.

Furthermore, the studio will also provide its full development engine for free. This will allow developers to develop games for the console relatively easily.

However, the studio has no plans to restrict developers to only develop for Mad Box Console. Bell noted that it is up to the devs.

We think exclusives are ‘exclusionary’ but given that we’ll be shipping a cross-platform engine to all developers it will be their choice. As of now we have no plans to pay developers ‘incentives’ to exclude other hardware vendors.

It’s going to be interesting to see what the studio comes up with. The way Bell is describing the console, it seems that Sony and Microsoft will have to up their game.

Speaking of the next-gen consoles, Sony is yet to confirm the specs for PlayStation 5. But, rumor suggests PS5 features an 8-Core Ryzen CPU and is a solid 4K/60 FPS console. Not only that, devs already have access to PS5 dev kits.

This falls in line with Sony’s compiler expert Simon Pilgrim hint that PlayStation 5 will feature a Ryzen CPU.

But, this is not the only rumor regarding PS5. According to a report, PS5 will feature AMD Navi graphics architecture and interestingly, Navi is exclusive to PlayStation 5.

On the other hand, nothing is known about Xbox Scarlett. However, a previous job listing suggests that Xbox Scarlett will feature GDDR6 memory and a new type of DRAM.

Given that how well Xbox One X performs while rendering games at native 4K, I have high hopes for Xbox Scarlett. I believe that Microsoft will target 4K/60 FPS with Xbox Scarlett. However, this is just speculation so take it with a grain of salt.

Source: Variety