Bethesda Reveals Player Run Shops In Fallout 76 As A Feature To Be Added Soon

Player run shops in Fallout 76 are on their way to the game according to Bethesda. How they’ll work exactly is still unknown, but their imminent arrival was listed among other new year’s resolution material. This includes new quests, weekly events, a new PvP mode, and new Vault openings.

Player run shops in Fallout 76 are an important role-playing aspect needed in Fallout 76. Mainly due to the absence of any human NPCs in the game, which until this installment, were a central part of Fallout.

Bethesda’s goal with this game seemed to be replacing the idea of non-playable characters with actual human players. To add a sense of realism and immersion into the game.

How might player vendors work though? There’s a lot of variables to consider, like if they have to physically be present for trading? Will their supplies on hand be their shop? Or would they be able to set up shop in the middle of some settlement so that they become marked on the map as a trading post? Can they set up automated help at their shop? Like a trading robot. Lastly and most importantly, can their shop be raided and robbed by other players?

Up until this point, the lack of characters in the game has caused the game to feel empty. Everything is relayed to the players in the forms of databases, records, and holotapes, This includes actual main quests and any form of story-driven content whatsoever.

It made everything you do feel like chasing ghosts and other meaningless, mundane tasks. Such as fetch quests, collection quests and other miscellaneous jobs like clean-up duty.

There wasn’t really anything in the game to make up for that loss in immersion. Since players were usually running around shooting and looting. Forming their own exclusive clubs and hunting in the wilds. Not even raiders are present due to the game’s restricted PvP. Which is set to change soon.

Hopefully, player run shops in Fallout 76 is Bethesda’s first step to bring back as much immersion as they can. To make the in-game world feel more lively and interactive.

Source: Bethesda