Kingdom Hearts 3 Interview Gives New Insight Into Game’s Development

As the gaming world eagerly awaits Kingdom Hearts 3, the game’s co-director Tai Yasue sat down for a Kingdom Hearts 3 interview with Newsweek, to discuss the game and the development process, including the new worlds we’ll be seeing, the new technology the devs used, and to apologize for taking so long.

Yasue said in the interview that, at its core, Kingdom Hearts is the story of light and good triumphing over darkness and evil, something that any fan can be familiar with. Though the story seems goofy, with various Final Fantasy and Disney characters interacting with one another across a sprawling story with a large amount of melodramatic terminology, the games have become extremely popular likely just because of that.

Kingdom Hearts 2 came out back in 2004, and in that time a dozen other Kingdom Hearts games of varying plotline have been released, including various side games and even a mobile game that serve to deepen the storyline and expand the game’s lore while also introducing new characters, ensuring that if you try and start Kingdom Hearts 3 alone you might end up missing a lot.

The Kingdom Hearts 3 interview also gave us a few explanations for various things, such as why the game took so long to make, and what the process was behind selecting the worlds that will be in the game. According to Yasue, the game has taken so long due to switching engines and hardware mid-development. While this helped the game to look absolutely amazing, it did lengthen the development time by a huge amount.

What you should really be excited about, however, is the various new worlds. Ranging from old worlds like the Pirates of the Caribbean world, Olympus, the Hundred-Acre Wood, and Traverse Town, players will also be traveling to Frozen’s Arendelle, the Kingdom of Corona from Tangled, and San Fransokyo from Big Hero 6.

In addition to appealing to a wider audience with all of these new worlds, Yasue said that the team picked these various worlds because there was a lot that excited them, and even more that they could do with it as we’ve seen in the various trailers.

Kingdom Hearts 3 will be coming out on the Xbox One and Playstation 4 on January 25, so if you’re a Kingdom Hearts fan, be on the lookout for when it arrives.