Fallout 76 Nukes Get Reactivated After A Brief Absence For New Years

The feature of blowing somebody’s settlement to absolute hell was briefly unavailable after the nuclear codes vanished from the game. Initially, this had no explanation or context to it. But that changed after the Fallout 76 Nukes were reactivated recently. Being confirmed by Bethesda in a tweet as well.

Good thing we got the feature back at least. It’s just not Fallout without a good bit of nuclear mayhem. A key feature just vanishing without a trace or reason from the game would’ve been an odd move, to say the least. Especially with how Bethesda marketed the feature initially with clips depicting the act of Nuke-ing a settlement.

The tweet does explain that Bethesda needed to conduct a hotfix for the game. Which is probably how the Fallout 76 nukes are being reactivated. Was their removal a glitch though? Some are theorizing that it was a brief new year’s resolution. To irradiate the land a little less than before.

Fallout 76 also has a slightly pandering nature to how the PvP in the game works. Being very strict and restrictive, emphasizing on players only doing proper damage if the opponent chose to fight. Otherwise, they can just go on their merry way.

This nature was an initial reason that people were suspicious of why the nuke feature was removed from the game. Perhaps Bethesda didn’t want players to have the power to blow up a player’s hard earned work. The codes weren’t too easy to attain though, and the lingering fear of your home being decimated added to the realism.

Fallout 76 nukes being reactivated put an end to this theory. It also makes sense with Bethesda’s recent revelation of unrestricted PvP plans in 2019.

As weird as this is going to sound, there ARE also benefits to having an area in Fallout 76 nuked. Not only does it enhance the loot of the affected environment, but it also spawns newer and more powerful bosses. Sort of like how Godzilla shows up in his movies, through the meddling of man.

Either way, the bottom line is that Fallout 76 nukes have been reactivated. Whether or not it was a bug that they vanished in the first place is still pretty ambiguous. I mean I wouldn’t be surprised around the topic of Bethesda and glitches basically. Especially in Fallout 76.