Call of Duty 2019 is Not Ghosts 2, Then What Else It Could Be?

2019 is the year of another Call of Duty game and we already have started to hear rumors about it. The recent rumors about Call of Duty 2019 come from communications manager Ashton Williams at Infinity Ward who has been Tweeting a lot recently.

Ashton is posting a series of Tweets with skulls and death related themes inside which everyone thought to be a tease for Call of Duty Ghosts 2 in 2019.

Yes, Infinity Ward is next in line to release a Call of Duty game in 2019. Ashton Williams started posting these teases in December and she’s still doing so as we speak.

The appearance of skulls in the Tweets almost confirmed that it’s Call of Duty Ghosts 2 but according to a known Kotaku writer, it’s not Ghosts 2. Some of the comments on these Tweets are as follows.

Skeleton with gun. Skeleton face mask = Ghost. Ghost was in Mw2. Ghosts is also an IW game. Ghosts 2 or Mw4 confirmed.

I have been preaching for Ghosts 2 for a while now. The campaign was phenomenal (I preferred to MW series), Multiplayer was decent, just needed some tweaking to keep the community happy. Would be more modern than BO4, and Extinction was ridiculously fun, needed more marketing hype

I loved Ghosts and I still think it had the best create-a-class to date. The only thing I would’ve changed from that game is some killstreaks and the maps. I loved the gunplay and everything else.

By looking at these skulls and death images, anyone can guess that it’s Call of Duty Ghosts 2. But on a ResetEra Forum which is dedicated to the teases and leaks, Kotaku writer Jason Schreier said that it “ain’t Ghosts 2!”.

Jason Schreier is a very reliable source and by looking at his past, he surely knows what he’s talking about so we have to wait till the official announcement. We have reached out to Activision and we are waiting for their response on these current rumors about Call of Duty 2019.

Call of Duty Ghosts launched back in 2013 on PS3, Xbox 360 and it was the first multi cross-platform game making its way to PS4 and Xbox One later. Interestingly, COD: Ghosts was the first Call of Duty title from Infinity Ward after Modern Warfare series.

Infinity Ward’s last game was Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare which wasn’t very successful due to the futuristic settings and some mind-blowing killstreaks which made everyone hate it.

So with the failure of Infinite Warfare and the success of Black Ops 4, we are sure that the upcoming game will be boots on the ground game to avoid any further failures. This upcoming Call of Duty 2019 title could also be Modern Warfare 4 which has been in rumors for a long time.

Everyone loves Modern Warfare series so Modern Warfare 4 will be welcomed by the fans with open arms. I still play Modern Warfare 2 and it’s one of the best games ever made. Everything from the storyline and multiplayer was on point in the game and I’m expecting the same from Modern Warfare 4 if it happens.

In other news, we discovered a job listing back in 2018 which suggested that a cross-gen game could be in works at Infinity Ward for PS5 and Xbox Scarlett.