Is There A Fix for Xbox Error 0x87dd0006? Here’s What You Can Do

Update: Xbox Live services seem to be running fine right now. According to the official status page, all services are up and running. Users of the Xbox One and Xbox 360 are longer experiencing Xbox error 0x87dd0006.

  • Xbox Live Core Services – Live
  • Purchase and Content Usage – Live
  • Tv Music and Video – Live
  • Social and Gaming – Live

All games are now working normally.

Original Story: Currently, many Xbox users are experiencing issues when logging into their console. Xbox users experience error 0x87dd0006 on Xbox One and currently, there is a fix in development right now. Microsoft’s official Xbox Twitter account shared the following:

We understand that users are seeing an error when attempting to log into their accounts from Xbox One consoles. Our teams are looking into this issue to get this resolved. Please refer to our status page for updates on this issue.

Microsoft is working on fixing the issue and will let the community know once they have a hang of things. If you are experiencing issues right now, the developers are working on a fix for Xbox Error 0x87dd0006.