Ubisoft Might Be Hinting At A New Tom Clancy Game In This Skell Tech Teaser

Ubisoft has confirmed the release of The Division 2 for early 2019 and of course, the fans look forward to that. But recent leaks and a teaser video have brought new rumors to the surface. Specifically surrounding the Tom Clancy saga, due to the presence of Skell Tech teaser and easter egg elements.

Here’s the video that you can also find on the mysterious Skell Tech website itself.

So we’ve seen teasers to the brand in both Ghost Recon Wildlands as well as Rainbow Six Siege. Ubisoft isn’t new to including easter eggs of their games in other ones. Such as the Abstergo files found in Far Cry 3 every now and then.

This could be another example of that, the difference being that now, we’re seeing teasers of something we don’t know much about. Since the Skell Tech teaser hasn’t been a fully used concept in a Ubisoft game as of yet.

What is Skell Tech though? The teaser depicts it as a private organization that wants to include drone usage in everyday tasks. Whether the tasks be public or private. Such as drone farming vehicles. Automated work basically.

What could this Skell Tech teaser be for? Another Ghost Recon or Rainbow Six game? The former is less likely seeing how Wildlands wasn’t released very long ago. But then again,¬†Far Cry New Dawn¬†hasn’t waited even a year since the release of Far Cry 5.

A new Rainbow Six game COULD be possible. However, the support for Siege hasn’t stopped as of yet, since Ubisoft plans to release up to 100 operators for the game before even thinking about moving on.

That’s why my personal theory is that we could be looking at the next Splinter Cell game. Since the last one, Blacklist has had some time since its release.

Another installment in Sam Fisher’s saga would be great and is definitely highly demanded by fans of the series including myself. The Skell Tech teaser could very well be the next enemy Sam faces.

I mean the plot IS kind of obvious if not blatant. Innovative rich dude manufactures automated drones for public and private use. Probably planning to have them turn on the people using them in one of those classic world domination schemes.

Who better than Sam Fisher to stop somebody like that. Since he’s already gone up against terrorists before, and at one point, even the government.

Either way, can’t wait to see what Ubisoft has in store for us in 2019.