January Playstation Plus Games Include Steep, Portal Knights, And More

If you’re looking for more post-Christmas game deals that might help to pad out your library this year, the January Playstation Plus games lineup has been announced by Sony. The games will be coming out across the month of January, and include Steep and Portal Knights alongside other games.

Steep and Portal Knights may be two fairly niche titles, but alongside them, if you have things like the Playstation Vita or Playstation 3, there are other games that will be coming out soon too that will allow you to keep playing those consoles as well.

To start off with, we have Steep and Portal Knights on the PS4. Steep is a sports game focusing on winter sports, mainly focusing on things like skiing, snowboarding, wingsuiting, and paragliding that you can play in a shared world with your friends.

On the other hand, Portal Knights is a sort of Minecraft-inspired crafting and adventure game with a twist; that players pick a class before completing various objectives to move from area to area. Both games are good ones to play with your friends, depending on your tastes.

Otherwise, the January Playstation Plus games also include Amplitude (for the PS3), Fallen Legion (Playstation Vita), Super Mutant Alien Assault (Vita), and the Zone of the Enders HD Collection (PS3), which also come in a variety of genres. Amplitude is a 2016 rhythm game where you control a ship to fly through levels set to songs, while Fallen Legion is an anime-style RPG. Super Mutant Alien Assault is an arcade platform shooter where players must make their way through randomized rooms to clear them of hostile mutants.

Finally is the Zone of the Enders HD Collection, probably the biggest and highest-quality of the various games available, where players take on the role of two different pilots driving an Orbital Frame mecha known as Jehuty as they’re thrust into a war against the sinister terrorist organization known as BAHRAM. As a pair of works by Hideo Kojima, if you have a Playstation 3 and haven’t played the Zone of the Enders games you can play them on the PS3, or get the Zone of the Enders 2 MARS Edition to play ZOE 2.

Either way, these games will all become available at various points throughout January, so keep on the lookout.