Report: Rapper Soulja Boy Claims Working With Ubisoft on New Console, Ubisoft Shuts His False Claims Down

Rapper Soulja Boy recently took to Twitter and claimed that he is partnering with Ubisoft for his second console. The rapper released his first console not too long ago and claims huge success with it. According to Soulja Boy, his console has “now passed 1 million dollars in sales.” In the same Tweet, he also claimed that he is partnering with Ubisoft for yet another console project.

However, upon releasing Ubisoft, SegmentNext was able to confirm that there is no link between Soulja Boy and the French company.

According to Ubisoft it is “not partnering with Soulja Boy on this project.” His Tweet made a false claim and if one aspect of this Tweet is false, it wouldn’t be far-fetched to think his console never generated 1 million dollars in sales as well.

The community was already skeptical about his supposed partnership with Ubisoft. And now, it looks like their skepticism was justified.

His current console, the Soulja Boy console, which the rapper claims he created was reportedly bought in bulk from Chinese black market and sold for $150 as his own. It runs SEGA and Nintendo Roms while copying PlayStation and Xbox’s console designs. Sony, SEGA, Nintendo, and Microsoft can sue Soulja Boy for infringing their content and patents.

A renowned publisher like Ubisoft would think twice before joining forces with Soulja Boy on such ventures.