Fallout 76 Players Want Gay Eliminators to Be Unbanned and Punished Properly

Fallout 76 has turned out to be a terrible game and it’s not just the gameplay as the in-game reporting system lacked the option to report homophobic players. This has now changed as Bethesda had to ban some Fallout 76 players permanently for doing a homophobic attack on players.

This Fallout 76 homophobic incident was reported weeks ago. To counter it, Bethesda ended up banning the players permanently but people are not happy with it. Most of the gamers indicated that Bethesda violated consumer protection laws by banning the players permanently which resulted in their spending of $60 on Fallout 76 completely useless.

Those against this move have started a petition on Change.org to get these Fallout 76 Gay Eliminators unbanned so they can be punished properly afterward.

This Fallout 76 petition is by someone called Average Developer. The Average Developer suggests Bethesda to unban these Gay Eliminators and then punish them properly by muting them forever.

This Fallout 76 petition by Average Developer reads:

Bethesda has taken an extremely anti-consumer stance by choosing to permanently ban some trolls on their game Fallout 76 instead of administering a proper punishment. By using a permanent ban, Bethesda has actually opened up a door to legal ramifications. Fallout 76 is still a product, therefore protected under consumer protection laws.

My proposed solution to this fiasco is to unban their accounts and indefinitely mute them. By doing so, the banned players may continue to utilize the product. This also renders them unable to chat with other players, preventing further incidents. This is the logical and legally secure solution that Bethesda should have approached the situation with.

Average Developer does note in the end that he’s not defending these homophobic attacks towards Fallout 76 players. But instead, he expects Bethesda to respect and believe in consumer laws. The game now has a report button, mute button and block option to prevent any further incidents from happening.

The original story is that this homeopathic attack was performed by a group of players who were also found saying “we have come to eliminate all gays.” The victim recorded the whole incident of this homeopathic attack and shared it on Twitter to seek help in regards to reporting them.

In other news, Bethesda has confirmed that there is a new update scheduled to arrive today for Fallout 76 on 19 December. Bethesda has not provided detailed patch notes for this new Fallout 76 update yet.

But don’t worry, this is a small update and will not require you to download almost all of your game once again. For this Fallout 76 update, the game will go down around 12:30 PM in the UK on December 19. Patch notes for this December 19 Fallout 76 update are reported to come in when the game goes down so stay tuned.

Many people are already concerned about look boxes in Fallout 76. According to the data taken out of patch notes, there’s a mention of “lunch boxes” aka loot boxes coming to Fallout 76.

Lunch boxes have been used before instead of loot boxes as a term in Fallout Shelter which is why the players of Fallout 76 are more than just disappointed.