Those RGB Motherboards and Accessories Are A Security Risk For Your Gaming PC, Report

PC gamers love to use PC accessories with RGB lighting like motherboards, GPU, mouse, and keyboard. While the general perception is that these are harmless but turns out these RGB Motherboards and accessories are a security risk for your gaming PC.

According to an independent security firm, there are seven vulnerabilities in software packages from ASUS and Gigabyte including the Aura Sync RGB controller.

According to the report, ASUS and Gigabyte were aware of the vulnerabilities for months but still, they didn’t patch this RGB software for your motherboard and accessories.

The report reveals that ASUS was notified of these vulnerabilities in April 2018 by SecureAuth. There are various vulnerabilities in GLCKIo and Asusgio drivers which causes the Aura Sync v1.07.22 package to be vulnerable to security attacks.

The security firms also notified Gigabyte of the vulnerabilities but, the company denied that there is any vulnerability for its RGB software for motherboards and other gaming PC accessories.

Gigabyte App Centre, Aorus Graphics Engine, Extreme Gaming Engine, and OC Guru II are vulnerable to security hacks and these vulnerabilities exist in GPCIDrv and GDrv drivers.

The security firms also demonstrated a proof of concept about how these vulnerabilities can allow hackers to take advantage via PCGamesN.

The flaws in Asus’ system could allow a user to run code with elevated privileges on a system, meanwhile the flaws in Gigabyte’s software could potentially lead to a local attacker taking complete control of an affected system.

It is irresponsible of both ASUS and Gigabyte to leave its customers open to security hacks. I hope these vulnerabilities will get patched in the future.

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