Witchfire Rumored to Release Sometime in 2020

We have some news for Witchfire fans as the developers behind it have assured us that the game is still in development. But while the development is slow, rumor has it that the game will release sometime in 2020.

Witchfire is a first-person shooter game in development by the Polish developer called The Astronauts. Witchfire came as a surprise announcement during the last year Game Awards and afterward, we heard nothing about it.

Witchfire is a gothic themed old-school shooter which got a lot of attention after its reveal. The Astronauts noticed the anticipation so they decided to reveal their plans in a blog post.

The Astronauts is an independent game developer. There are currently only eight people in the development team and that’s why it’s all very slow. But to excite fans more, they have now planned weekly updates.

The Polish developer revealed that we will play as the hand of the church in the 15th century of Europe.

Witchfire focuses on the first-person action. It’s not a story based game. There are a lot of challenges and lots of things to discover and decipher. There will be no cutscenes in this game.

The team then also mentioned that 2019 release date for Witchfire doesn’t seem possible for now Instead the team says that 2020 release date for Witchfire sounds reasonable.

Starting from now on, developers have promised weekly Witchfire updates, Witchfire diaries. and Witchfire Wednesdays. Every Wednesday, we will get to hear something new about the game. Devs will show behind the scenes development progress, explain design ideas or talk about the fictional guns inside.

For example, we will talk why it took us a day to have a functional gun, but three months to have a great feeling one, and we will show at how we arrived at the final form of a creepy monster after the first sketch that just made us laugh.

That’s some good news for everyone. Finally, we can learn more about the game soon. The trailer of the game does look very nice. We have yet to know about the platforms it will release on.