Bomb At Infinity Ward Studio Today May Be Part Of Bitcom Ransom Scam

Whether it’s yet another symptom of Call of Duty’s toxicity or just some idiot with nothing better to do, there was a threat of a bomb at Infinity Ward today that might have been part of a Bitcoin ransom scam. The story’s still developing, so we don’t know all of the details.

Employees at the studio were told by police that there was a bomb threat in the building and the studio was quickly evacuated. While we don’t know if there actually was a bomb or not, it’s still apparently part of a disturbing trend currently taking place across the United States. Victims will often receive a phone call threatening about a bomb in the building, and tell the recipient not to alert the police, but to instead transfer a large amount of bitcoin to an address.

However, what makes this whole scenario about the bomb at Infinity Ward even stupider is that, if it actually is tied to Bitcoin, whoever’s doing it couldn’t have picked a worse time to do it. While Bitcoin’s value has often been quite high as a cryptocurrency, it’s prone to taking huge dives to the point where it’s nearly worthless.

Not to mention straight-up mining the stuff is probably a lot easier than going through the trouble of calling your target, hoping someone will believe that you’ve actually planted a bomb in the building, and will even know how to transfer Bitcoin in the first place. Activision won’t say currently whether or not they’re either agreeing to the threat’s demands, if it was part of the Bitcoin scam at all, or if they’re pursuing action against whoever’s behind it.

Either way, though, we’re glad that the employees are safe, and hope that any other rumors of a bomb at Infinity Ward turn out to be false alarms too.