Reddit Mods Asks Fans To Stop Posting About The Outer Worlds On Fallout Subreddit

With Bethesda screwing up with Fallout 76, fans are hoping The Outer Worlds to be everything that Fallout 76 wasn’t. Not only that, fans are so excited about the Outer Worlds that they have started posting about it on Fallout subreddit and mods have had enough.

The moderators pinned an announcement on top of the Subreddit notifying fans to stop posting about The Outer Worlds. The “Outer Worlds is not directly related to Fallout” is the title of the Reddit post.

According to the mods, original Fallout developers working on the game doesn’t make it related to Fallout. Not only that, the mods also provided a link to the Outer Worlds subreddit to post the links there.

Reddit posts like these are proof that The Outer Worlds has left a positive impression on the Fallout fanbase, especially, after the sour taste Fallout 76 has left in their mouth.

However, following the announcement fans have stopped posting Reddit threads about The Outer Worlds on Fallout Subreddit. It remains to be seen how long the fans will keep it that way.

Speaking of the game, The Outer Worlds is an RPG. The point of a game being an RPG is to let players whatever they want to be and the Outer WOrlds in no exception. That is why the game lets the player become a Hero, Villain, or both.

Like all of our games, we really like to support various play styles. How you want to play is available to you. Specifically with dialogue, you can choose to be good, evil, a little bit of both. You have Intimidate, Persuade, and Lie options, as well as straightforward asking questions, telling the truth, things like that.

Furthermore, fans are already expecting the game to be a Fallout killer. This is quite evident from the gameplay preview Obsidian has showcased.

However, fans aren’t the only ones taking a jab at Fallout 76 using The Outer Worlds.

The developers recently took a jab at Fallout 76 by saying it won’t feature any monetization scheme. According to Obsidian, players will only pay once and will be able to play the game forever without any microtransactions at all.

The reason why fans have high hopes with the Outer Worlds is that Obsidian is the developer Behind Fallout New Vegas. New Vegas is considered to be the best Fallout game despite its bugs and flaws.

The Outer Worlds is a sci-fi RPG in development at Obsidian Entertainment. The game rolls out in 2019 for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Source: Reddit