Super Smash Bros Ultimate Cloud – Moves List, Limit Break, Understanding Limit Game

In our Super Smash Bros Ultimate Cloud Guide, we talk about what changes have been brought on board for Cloud including his moves, combos, playing as Cloud, and countering him.

Cloud Strife is once again a part of the new Smash game’s roster though he has been substantially nerfed since Smash 4. His range and damage output have been reduced, but perhaps the most significant nerf he received is to his Limit Break.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate Cloud

Cloud can fill up the Limit Gauge by using his Limit Charge. Alternately, the more efficient method is to either take damage or deal damage to swiftly fill up the bar. Either way, when the bar has been filled, Cloud can unleash his Limit Break.

When activated, Limit Break enhances Cloud’s abilities potentially giving him an upper hand over his opponents.

Moves List and Limit Game

Limit Charge is his Down Special, but Cloud has 2 Down Special(s). When Limit Break has been activated, the Down Special no longer make him perform a Limit Charge.

Instead, he acquires a new move called Finishing Touch. Finishing Touch does little to no damage but can launch an opponent for a potential juggle.

A notable buff to his “Limit Game” is that the threshold for Limit Gauge has been reduced from 250% to 150%, so the gauges are fully filled at 150% damage while every other aspect of his “Limit Game” has been nerfed.

Unlike Smash 4 Cloud is more vulnerable during his Limit Charge, since he cannot immediately cancel it anymore and will lose some limit, for each hit he takes.

You now must utilize Limit Break properly since you can lose its effects if not used within 15 seconds of fully charging it. Additionally, Finishing Touch has a poor hitbox, but it has been made a few frames faster.

His other Special Moves are Blade Beam, Cross Slash and Climhazzard.

Blade Beam is more effective when used on the ground rather than when airborne. It is a move where Cloud projects a standing beam with his Buster Sword horizontally in front of him.

Cross Slash is a combo move that hits successively if the previous hit connects. The range and knockback of Cross Slash have been increased.

Lastly, he can attack opponents vertically above him, using Climhazzard. Climhazzard can be followed up with an additional plummeting slash.