Red Dead Online Shirtless Gang Roams The Mountain Regions

Pretty sure someone had a Brokeback Mountain movie night with their friends. Who then all decided to jump into Red Dead Online together and start a world of their own. You read that right.

Facebook user Irfan Galih Ramadhan shared the peculiar screenshot of the in-game activities of the newfound gang. Their goal seems to either be inviting people to the mountains or driving them away from it.

rdr online shirtless

It’s good to see that people are now taking advantage of the freedom that Red Dead Online offers. Making their own gangs and having their own fun, even if it is just the Red Dead Online Beta.

The Red Dead Online beta is set to carry on for an unknown amount of time until the full game is released. Rockstar emphasized on wanting to release a complete game. So it’s only natural that players are finding their own way to spend that time.

Hell this posse of shirtless hooligans already seems more organized than anything Dutch could’ve come up with. I mean they got the plan and the faith, what more could you need?

They’ve also appropriately nicknamed themselves the “Straightest gang in the West” and you’d be darned to see it as anything otherwise.

Honestly before anyone judges or ponders over the thought that went behind the formation of this gang. Know that it’s way better than this at least.

Red Dead Online’s official release date remains to be announced. Seeing as how the Red Dead Online Beta still needs a lot of fixing. Both in terms of monetary balancing and economy, as well as bugs and glitches. I hope they don’t fix some bugs though.

Rockstar continues to thank the community for its feedback on the multiplayer attachment to Red Dead Redemption 2. Something every game needs in its beta to be able to spot its own flaws that need improvements.

People often a time find ways to include their own little ideals and concepts within the confines of an online shared world. I’m pretty sure Club Penguin had its own K Klux Klan at some point as well. If it didn’t, too late now.

I don’t own the Red Dead Online beta myself but if I did, you can bet that I’d have joined this gang. You can bet that they’d be grateful to my contributions, or any of ours really. Way more grateful than Dutch, Micah and Sean could’ve ever been.

Red Dead Online in summary is RDR 2’s take on what GTA did with GTA Online. Being a standalone multiplayer attachment to a wonderful single player game.

Offering character customization, community game modes, a shared open world and most importantly, other people to play with.

Even though it’s not confirmed when the full version releases. Rockstar has assured players that their Red Dead Online progress will not be reset. At least not yet, they added.