Monster Hunter World Final Fantasy Crossover Update Coming December 21

If you’re a Square Enix fan as well as a Monster Hunter fan, then you’re in luck. The Monster Hunter World Final Fantasy crossover update that was announced at E3 will be happening on December 21, allowing you to hunt monsters from both worlds in Monster Hunter World and Final Fantasy 14.

Along with the new monsters that you’ll be able to fight in both games, you’ll also be able to get a lot of new gear in Monster Hunter World by making use of all the parts of the monsters you kill. Your Palico will also be able to get a new set of armor.

Specifically, the Monster Hunter World Final Fantasy crossover update will bring a number of new monsters to the New World. Players can expect to hunt the monster Behemoth, and will also be seeing some new endemic life around the world in the form of the cactuar. You’ll also be getting a large amount of new armor.

Behemoth was previously available temporarily in August, but now it seems like he’s becoming a permanent addition to Monster Hunter World.

This includes multiple pieces of equipment from the Dragoon class in the Final Fantasy universe, including the Drachen series of armor and new variants for the Insect Glaive, including the “Gae Bolg” variant and the “Dragon Soul” variant for its Kinsects, so you can hunt dragons like the Rathalos and others in full Dragoon style.

Players can also dress their Palico up like a Moogle with a special Moogle Alpha set, though you probably won’t be able to make it say “Kupo!” To access this content, you can speak to the Serious Handler after HR 16 to unlock a special assignment, and the content will be available indefinitely.

There’s not as much content available in Final Fantasy 14, but you’ll now be encountering Felynes and the Rathalos as monsters in the world, which are sure to put your skills to the test.

Once again, the Monster Hunter World Final Fantasy crossover will be coming to both games on December 21 on Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC.