It Looks Like Conan O’Brien Was Right About Death Stranding Release Date

Now that The Game Awards 2018 is over, it has become clear that Hideo Kojima has played us like a damn fiddle. After months of teasing his presence at The Game Awards he never showed up nor did Death Stranding. Just like, we also expected to see a release date alongside a brand new gameplay trailer for Death Stranding, however, it didn’t happen.

Recently, The Tonight Show Host Conan O’Brien visited Hideo Kojima’s studio and later during a Q&A session with fans, he was asked about his visit to the studio. Brien stated that whatever Hideo Kojima is working on is out of this world. Brien’s team did shoot some stuff at Kojima Productions but they can’t share it just yet.

He explained that Death Stranding’s release date is too far away. They can not show their Kojima Productions bit until the go-ahead from Sony and Kojima Productions.

They are working on a very top secret video game, it’s called Death Stranding. And no one is allowed to know anything about it. I mean they have released a few clips here and there but it’s top secret and we shot there and it’s another world. But we can’t show anything yet because it’s too far from when the game is coming out. It’s one of those things that is just out there, we have launched it, and it’s going to zip-in at the right time. Everyone is going to freak out!

The game was a no-show at The Game Awards 2018 so no Death Stranding release date news came out. This begs the question? Is Conan O’Brien right about the release date of Death Stranding? It looks like he is, we won’t be hearing news about Death Stranding anytime soon.

At this point, Death Stranding is looking like a PS5 game with a cross-gen release on PS4 and PS4 Pro.