Hawkeye’s New Costume In Avengers 4 End Game Trailer Explained

Well, it is finally that time of the year that we get to discuss the reveal of Marvel’s Avengers 4 End Game trailer. The trailer gave us plenty to talk about but this article will only focus on one thing, Hawkeye. The character was missing from Marvel’s Avengers Infinity War and many wondered what happened to him? And where he is?

After Marvel’s Captain America Civil War, Clint Barton aka Hawkeye accepted the accords and went on with his life with his family. He left the Avengers for a simpler life with his wife and kids. However, Marvel’s Infinity War brought an end to his simple life. Thanos snapped his family out of existence and instead of coming back to the Avengers, Hawkeye went to Japan and became Ronin.

His new costume is showcased briefly in the Marvel’s Avengers 4 End Game trailer thanks to the Russo Brothers. Hawkeye’s new costume is golden and black and matches the comic book version of Ronin outfit.


Hawkeye’s Ronin persona was rumored and speculated for a long time. People started to discuss the possibility of Russo Brothers turning Hawkeye into Ronin after Infinity War.

And now that we are in the End Game, we can say without a shadow of a doubt, Clint Barton’s family is indeed gone and the rumored persona is actually happening.

The End Game Trailer gave us plenty of other things to talk about as well, however, it mostly felt like a glorified title reveal. We only saw the Avengers defeated, demotivated, and Tony Stark close to dying. Thor is back on Earth at the Avengers base. Thanos is retired and has chosen to farm as a profession now. But interestingly, he still has all of the Infinity Stones. He also has the Damaged Infinity Gauntlet in his possession but it is debatable if he can use it ever again.

In order for it to be used again, by the Avengers or Thanos, the damaged Infinity Gauntlet must be replaced with a new one. A theory is that the Marvel’s Avengers Eng Game will see our heroes go after a new Infinity Gauntlet. However, Thanos will most certainly try to stop them from achieving their goal and at some point, they will come across Thanos again since he has the Infinity Stones.

Black Widow, Thor, Caption America, Captain Marvel, Ant-Man, Tony Stark, Nebula, and Hulk are the only ones left of the Avengers. Of course, it would be interesting to see if Ronin joins them in hunting Thanos or he would go after him on his own, which he can’t really do.

The trailer is brief yet exciting and even though the Russo’s claimed that none of the rumored titles is actually used for Marvel’s Avengers 4, it was a misdirection. The trailer literally broke YouTube, it bugged the view counter and the comments section soon after it went live.

One can only imagine the level of excitement among the fans. Avengers 4 trailer also revealed that the movie is coming out in April rather than May as originally expected.