Rest In Peace Boomer, Your Loyal Dog Friend Is Dead, According to Ubisoft

It hasn’t been a full year since the release of Far Cry 5 but we’ll be getting a sequel to the story in Far Cry New Dawn. This is great because the ending to Far Cry 5 left a lot of people including myself, salty as hell. So it goes without saying but spoiler warning.

Now Far Cry New Dawn is the franchise’s take on the post-apocalypse. Unlike most, however, it isn’t a barren wasteland feel, but rather a very colorful one.

This is due to the events of Far Cry New Dawn taking place 17 years after the end of Fr Cry 5. The ending where that fanatic Joseph Seed actually won by being right about the inevitable collapse in the form of nukes is the route New Dawn’s story follows.

The events of the upcoming sequel happen after a quiet nuclear winter, accompanied by harsh winds. These gave way to an interesting and rather aesthetic evolution to both vegetation and wildlife. But most importantly humanity itself.

Animals have been taking new, creative forms due to the combination of nuclear radiation and Bliss. A drug from Farcry 5 used heavily in converting people to the enemy cult, as well as taking control of animals.

These new overgrowth ridden beasts will serve as boss fights in several occasions. Whether it’s in a manner similar to Red Dead Redemption 2, as one time appearing legendary animals. Or like Destiny, being a repeated respawning boss fight. That’s still left ambiguous.

Outposts are also confirmed to return once more. Except now, they will be taken back by enemy factions repeatedly. Not only retaken but also upgraded to be made harder to recapture.

The mad max feels were real in the teaser, with the new big bads being twin sisters. Leading a faction of bandits, hell-bent on doing and taking whatever they want, whenever they want it.

Joseph Seed was also shown in the teaser, expressing regret and admitting he was wrong on what he thought would be a new start. So yeah, suck it, Project at Eden’s gate.

Regarding the characters, it has been confirmed that the protagonist of New Dawn will be a different character. One that’s visiting post-apocalyptic Montana for the first time. This means the Deputy from Farcry 5 may have met a bitter end in what can be described as either a cryptic or kinky final cinematic to Farcry 5. Where you’re forced to stay in Dutch’s bunker with Joseph Seed to experience the new world together. Yeesh.

Besides the deputy, the Farcry team stayed quiet regarding the faiths of all the other characters and guns for hire. Implying some have died while others survived. One thing was confirmed though, Boomer’s dead. And that honestly made me really sad.

A moment of silence for our fallen doggo. Who was the best of boys? I won’t forget the endless hours of petting him as much as I possibly could. Despite his being utter shite at stealth and self-defense at times.

I’m hoping Nick Rye the sky guy also survived. He was the coolest gun for hire, and the story with his wife and daughter was so nice and wholesome. Oh right, his daughter might be a gun for hire in the New Montana. That’ll definitely be emotional.

The returning co-op would be a great feature. And I’m very glad that they brought back knife takedowns. Something I missed immensely from Farcry 5. Please, Ubisoft. Just let me stay the hell out of Joseph Seed this time. Thank you very much.

Farcry New Dawn’s release date is confirmed for February 19th. Not even a year after 5. But definitely is a fresh take, the goddamn dog can finally ride in vehicles with you. WHY CAN’T I DO THAT WITH BOOMER? BECAUSE HE’S DEAD!