Destiny 2: Scourge of the Past Raid Details, Black Armory Level, Crucible Changes And More

Finally, the wait is almost over as the new Scourge of the Past Raid finally arrives today in Destiny 2. Destiny 2 Black Armory DLC is now available and Bungie has now detailed what they are going to work on in the upcoming weeks.

New Destiny 2: Scourge of the Past raid arrives today at 5 pm GMT/ 12 pm ET/ 9 am PT. It’s based on the Lost City and it’s going to be a very long. Bungie has also assured everyone that it’s a full-fledged raid. Destiny 2 Black Armory DLC released on December 4.

Bungie has now advised everyone to get the right perks before crossing the finish line. Bungie also mentioned that the Guardians should “grab the final chest before returning to the orbit”. So make sure to do all of these before you finish.

The first fireteam who manages to finish Destiny 2: Scourge of the Past Raid first will be crowned first and will also receive a belt for it. These items will be rewarded to the final six players so if you switch with someone else at the end, he will be the one receiving it.

Also, anyone who finishes Scourge of the Past Raid in 24 hours will be rewarded with an emblem called “Scourge of Nothing”.

Destiny 2: Black Armory Power level Changes

Bungie did notice the grind and that’s why they have now lowered the light level required for Black Armory by five. The team has now also introduced changes which will make it easier to reach 600 light level and quickly.

Prime engrams will now drop more frequently and with larger power bumps for players under 600 Power

This change is planned to land in the 2.1.2 update on December 11. We are also considering additional changes to assist with the Power climb in a future update. We will continue to monitor your feedback on Season of the Forge as it continues.

Other big changes as highlighted by Bungie are as follows.

Destiny 2: Crucible Changes

Based on this feedback, we will be lowering the amount of Power ammo available during matches by increasing the time between Power ammo spawns. Here are the details:


  • Control: Initial timers stay the same, Increased respawn timer for heavy ammo (was 45 seconds, now 120 seconds)
  • Clash: Initial timers stay the same, Increased respawn timer for heavy ammo (was 45 seconds, now 120 seconds)
  • Survival: Initial timers stay the same, Increased respawn timer for heavy ammo (was 45 seconds, now 60 seconds)
  • Rotators: Showdown
    Initial timers stay the same, Increased respawn timer for heavy ammo (was 30 seconds, now 60 seconds)
  • Rumble: Initial timers stay the same, Increased respawn timer for heavy ammo (was 60 seconds, now 120 seconds)

Then a team member at Bungie answered some of the most asked questions about weapons as follows.

Rapid-fire snipers

Snipers are definitely one of the archetypes we are actively looking at and making changes to. For example, later in January, Rapid-fire snipers will be moving to a two-shot body kill. Additionally, we are considering allowing more snipers to be able to one-shot supers on headshots in a future patch.

Nova Warp

Yup, the Nova Warp super is too dominant right now and we are planning to tweak it. It’s currently slated to land with a patch coming in late January.

Spectral Blades Hit Detection

We definitely want all melee supers to feel as good and reliable as possible. This is something we are still looking into.

Destiny 2 Weapon Buffs

We have some planned buffs coming to older subclass paths in the patch currently slated for late January, but we are already looking ahead to what we’d like to do in patches further down the line. We will be regularly looking into tuning subclass content to ensure that there’s a healthy balance of viable choices in all activities. We use a combination of data and community feedback to track the right things to fix, so please continue to surface which choices feel the least viable to help guide us.


Late in January you will find that Telesto’s bolts-to-kill will now match its charge rate, where it was previously doing more damage than other fusion rifles of its type. That said, due to it being affected less by damage falloff due to its explosive nature, it will still be more consistent than fusion rifles of the same charge rate. Worth noting, PvE damage will be increased to keep parity there. Once we see how these changes land, we can decide if and what to do next. The goal still being to buff where we can, but when we have to nerf, you’re going to find us trying to inch down instead of going nuclear… at least as much as we can.

Scouts Rifles

This is another archetype we are looking at and I would currently expect to see changes show up in future patches.

SMG Buff

We just recently buffed the range on SMG’s to make them more competitive. We’ll be monitoring the data and feedback for a bit to help us decided where to take them next. If we find that they still aren’t good enough, we will be happy to buff them further.

To recap, we want to roll out smaller batches of patches more frequently. We want to bring things up whenever possible, but when we do need to bring something down, we are going to try and inch it down and into the correct location. And finally, there is a patch coming, currently slated for late January, where we expect you to see some changes coming to things like Rapid-fire snipers, Telesto, Nova Warp and pre-Forsaken subclasses… And we have much more planned for the months ahead.

You can read it all here as Bungie goes down in further details. That’s not all as Bungie is now also giving away free stuff to the players of Destiny 2: Forsaken. These free items will be only available to players who played it before October 16. Free pack includes a slider, a new emblem, emotes and consumables.

Destiny 2 is now available to play on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.