Borderlands 3 Classes Supposedly Revealed: New Info, Details, and More

Despite Randy Pitchford’s constant cock teasing about a 3rd Borderlands announcement at the video game awards 2018, we were left blue balled regarding the game. Instead, however, we’ve got what appears to be insider information on what appears to be the Borderlands 3 classes that’ll be available to the players when the game FINALLY RELEASES!

Right, so here’s the video from The Know, a Youtube channel that emphasizes on inside information. I’m a simple man though, I see Gustavo Sorola (nerd on the right) I click the video. He’s Simmons from Red vs Blue, for those that don’t know.

Anyways, enough rambling, let’s get down and dirty with the Borderlands 3 news. First off, the game is only just about to leave the alpha stage. That means we’re probably still waiting for an ass-load of time. Dammit.

At the same time, it’s reassuring to see that progress is indeed being made with the development of the game itself. Since we’ve gotten supposed information on the Borderlands 3 classes, aka the player characters we will get to choose from.

The Soldier is first off. Now while it does sound similar to the Commando class from Borderlands 2 in the sense of guns and soldier cliches. The soldier won’t be using a turret. But instead, can summon a full-blown mech. Holy shit! Not only that, but the mech also has a mounted gun that one of your buddies can man. Adding a co-op element to the class.

The other new one is the Beastmaster class. Slightly taken back to the Hunter class of Borderlands 1. Except now you have three pets to choose from instead of that goddamn bird. Regarding the development of the class. It was mentioned that the AI of the pets is one of the things still being worked on. Among many other things as Borderlands 3 exits its alpha stage.

The latter two classes are a couple that we’re already familiar with. First being the Siren, a melee-focused mage build of sorts. Also having the perk of a bombshell uniquely hair colored babe on the side. We’ve had Lilith in 1 and Maya in 2. Hopefully, 3 doesn’t let us down in both character and abilities.

Last but definitely not least is the Assassin class. My boy Zer0 from Borderlands 2. Probably not the same awesome Haiku speaking badass. But still, an Assassin class is always intriguing. Being focused on stealth with a decoy ability that can agro and distract enemies. Hopefully, they focus more on the swordplay of an assassin class. I really wanted more from 2 in that department.

Regarding the story of Borderlands 3, Vault-hunting is confirmed because duh, the main characters are vault hunters. The location is unconfirmed, it might still be on Pandora. But judging by the end of 2, there may be more to explore in the galaxy.

A Borderlands 3 release date is still unconfirmed. Judging by the fact that they’re just exiting the beta, we shouldn’t expect it for a long time. An announcement or reveal may appear in the first quarter of 2019. Or during E3. Here’s some of our speculation on its release.

I cannot stress this enough because holy hell I’ve really established my point on this. DO NOT, KILL, MY BOY, ZER0. I will actually mail a strongly worded letter to Randy Pitchford’s personal address if anything happens to my cool-ass ninja dude.

Can’t wait for Borderlands 3, fingers, toes and other unnamed appendages crossed. Gotta find someone to play the Soldier class so I can be an Assassin in peace. And have a mech to use. Er, I mean co-operate with.