Edge Magazine’s Super Smash Bros Ultimate Review Leaked Online And Its Incredible

Super Smash Bros Ultimate is a day away from launch and fans are excited about it. While we wait for the game to release, first Super Smash Bros Ultimate review has leaked online and it’s incredible.

The upcoming issue of Edge Magazine(327) has leaked online which also leaked the first Super Smash Bros Ultimate review. The magazine also includes reviews for games including Battlefield 5, Pokemon Let’s GO and more.

As for the Super Smash Bros Ultimate review, Famitsu gave it a 9 out of 10. This is another win for the Nintendo as the company has been rolling out critical hit after a critical hit. Here are the leaked reviews for games in Edge in issue 327.

  • Super Smash Bros Ultimate – 9
  • Tetris Effect – 9
  • Deracine – 6
  • Pokemon Let’s GO Eevee & Pikachu – 7
  • Gwent The Witcher Card Game – 8
  • Arca’s Path VR – 5
  • Black Bird – 7
  • Fallout 76 – 4
  • HITMAN 2 – 8
  • Battlefield V – 7
  • 11-11 Memories Retold – 7

Speaking of the game, Nintendo has confirmed that Super Smash Bros Ultimate allows character boosts. However, there is a catch, characters boosts are only allowed if both players are playing on the same system.

Players won’t be able to increase their character’s strength if they are playing online multiplayer. This is a good feature for gamers who are just playing with their friends to enjoy Super Smash Bros Ultimate.

Also, the Game Awards 2018 starts today and will bring 10 new game announcements. Not only that, Avengers 4 directors will be there as presenters. However, what they will be presenting is unknown.

I speculate that Russo Brothers will reveal the Avengers game in development at Crystal Dynamics and Eidos Montreal.

Furthermore, Super Smash Bros Ultimate supports up to 32 players online. This is according to a Japanese retailer who distributed the Pamphlets noting that Super Smash Bros support up to 32 players online. However, it fails to clarify in what capacity these 32 players will be able to play together.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate is a fighting game developed by Nintendo. The game rolls out on December 7, 2018, for Nintendo Switch.

Source: Playground