Super Smash Bros Ultimate Dark Pit Guide – How to Unlock, Moves List, Tips

In our Super Smash Bros Ultimate Dark Pit Guide, we talk about what changes have been brought on board for Dark Pit including his moves, combos, playing as Dark Pit, and countering him.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate Dark Pit

Being an Echo Fighter to Pit, Dark Pit makes his return to the series after Super Smash Bros. 4. Since his last appearance, some tweaks have been made to both how his moves work and how they look, even though they largely resemble those of Pit.

Unlocking Dark Pit

In SSBU, you can unlock Dark Pit in any of the three ways. The first is to play the World of Light mode and defeat Boo’s Spirit at Dracula’s Castle. Play as Wario in the Classic mode and you can unlock Dark Pit too.

Lastly, the Versus Mode demands you to play multiple matches as Luigi to earn Dark Pit as the unlocked character.

Moves List and Combos

Dark Pit’s jump squat now takes 3 frames to initiate compared to what was required previously: 5 frames. Down tilt now covers more vertical distance.

The Dash Attack covers more area and deals higher knockback. Neutral Aerial Attack is slower to come out while down aerial now has an increased hitbox range. Guardian Orbs are faster to initiate but will get smaller as they are charged up more.

Please note that our SSBU Dark Pit Character Guide remains a work-in-progress. We will continue to add more content in the coming days.