Nintendo Metroid Announcement Will Be Made This Week Says Swedish Retailer

The Swedish retailer Inet might have just spoiled one of the things that we’ll be seeing at this year’s Game Awards, particularly a Nintendo Metroid announcement that might be getting made. However, whether it’s Metroid Prime 4, or something else Metroid related, remains to be seen at the present time.

Nintendo announced a new Metroid Prime game in the form of Metroid Prime 4 last year, but since then we’ve heard nothing about it. While the Game Awards is the perfect opportunity for us to learn more about it, that doesn’t necessarily mean that’s the Nintendo Metroid announcement we’ll be getting.

There’s also the possibility, for instance, of Nintendo releasing the three other Metroid Prime games on the Nintendo Switch to help ease players into a series that hasn’t had a new game since 2007, over ten years ago. As the Metroid Prime games are one of the biggest and most well-known Metroid games, Nintendo likely wouldn’t miss the opportunity for a remastered trilogy, since those are all the rage right now.

Metroid Prime 4’s original announcement also injected hope back into the game’s fanbase, which was starting to feel neglected following the highly-divisive Metroid: Other M game and Metroid Prime: Federation Force, which got horrible reviews both from critics and fans for putting out a Metroid game where you didn’t play as Samus alongside a huge plethora of other issues with the game.

While we don’t know what Metroid Prime 4 will be like yet, or what exactly the Nintendo Metroid announcement at the Game Awards will be, hopefully it will be something both newcomers to the series and veterans will enjoy. At the same time, though, take this story with a grain of salt; leaks have been wrong before, after all.

Either way, to see if the news is legitimate or not, you can watch the Game Awards for this year tomorrow.