Far Cry Game Awards Reveal Coming Tomorrow Night Says Official Twitter Page

A new Far Cry Game Awards reveal is going to be coming tomorrow, according to the official franchise Twitter page. It’s a worldwide reveal, and appears to be related to the ending of Far Cry 5, so we may be getting either a sequel or a standalone post-apocalyptic spinoff game.

So, spoilers if you haven’t beaten Far Cry 5 yet, but the game’s canon ending was that you managed to dismantle the Eden’s Gate cult that had taken over Hope County, Montana, only for a nuclear explosion to go off as you were leaving the game area and thus rendering all your struggles pointless.

We don’t know what caused this explosion yet, but from what the trailer snippet on the official tweet says, Eden’s Gate might have been a cakewalk compared to what’s now happening in Hope County after years of rain, radioactive dust storms, and more.

Either way, whatever’s coming at the Far Cry Game Awards reveal will be taking Far Cry in another new direction. The series has gone a number of different directions, but post-apocalyptic has never been a part of it. Other games like Far Cry Primal, which took us back into prehistoric times, and Far Cry Blood Dragon that gave us 80s-style pulp fiction, have been interesting diversions, but an apocalypse has never been part of the series before.

Far Cry 5 got fairly favorable reviews when it came out despite its rather polarizing endings (as you had the option to either resist, which led to the nuclear explosions that apparently led to this new game, or give in to mind control), but hopefully the Far Cry Game Awards reveal will end up getting people excited about the game again.

Either way, to really see what the reveal is, we’ll have to wait until tomorrow night at the Game Awards to see the whole trailer.