Anthem Closed Alpha Xbox One X Enhancements And File Size Revealed

Anthem is one of the games coming out in 2019 and closed alpha is just a day away before selected players can play. While we wait for the Anthem closed alpha to go live, its file size and Xbox One X enhancements have been revealed.

Trueachievements has gained access to Anthem Closed alpha and revealed the file size and Xbox One X enhancements. According to the site, the closed alpha will take 20.05 GB of HDD space. As for the Anthem Xbox One X enhancements, Anthem closed alpha supports Ultra 4K HD and HDR 10 format.

The Closed alpha for Anthem will start on December 8, 2018, and will continue till December 9. Also, those who play the closed alpha won’t be allowed to talk about the game.

The closed alpha is a playtest for Anthem and the purpose of it is to test the matchmaking before the game is officially released.

Speaking of Anthem, a new trailer for the game will debut today at the Game Awards 2018. We might also get to see some new Anthem gameplay at the event.

Furthermore, Bioware is known for its single-player games with a focus on story and RPG elements. With Anthem that is all about to change. But, for Bioware it is Invigorating. According to creative director Jonathan Warner, talking about Anthem gameplay instead of its world and narrative is very invigorating.

It’s very refreshing, it’s invigorating. And usually, when you talk about a Mass Effect or a Dragon Age, people invariably end up talking about the plots or the points, and it’s very refreshing, when people talk about Anthem, they talk about flying or fighting monsters, or the gear, the Javelins, and it’s been a great opportunity for us to put gameplay first.

Also, Bioware has promised that it won’t use the same facial animation tech as Mass Effect Andromeda. According to Bioware, they have moved on to a new technique so that the weird facial animations don’t break the immersion.

Anthem is an open-world multiplayer game in development at Bioware. The game rolls out on February 22, 2019, for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Source: Trueachievements