Unreal Tournament No Longer In Development, Doesn’t Fit In The Bigger Picture

Unreal Tournament is not in active development as confirmed by Epic Games. Tim Sweeney made the announcement and officially scrapped the game, for now.  Epic Games has been busy with battle royale in Fortnite and the distribution of Unreal Engine to creators.

The company recently made the announcement of opening a new storefront to compete with rival Steam. It seems Unreal Tournament doesn’t fit in the bigger picture. However, that doesn’t mean Epic won’t pick up this franchise again.

Unreal Tournament is available to download and play. Servers will remain online, however, there will be no new updates, changes, and improvements to the game.

The development of Unreal Tournament has been slow for a long time mainly due to Epic Games being overwhelmed with other more successful ventures.

Right now, Epic Games is focusing on its latest long-term venture, the digital storefront. It will release this year and is the most developer friendly platform.

Epic Games is offering developers 88% of the revenue from games sold through its store. The store will get only 12% of the revenue which means this could be a major threat to Steam. Valve platform takes 30% from developers who make less than $10 million.

Epic’s game store is without a doubt most friendly to smaller and mid-sized development studios. Epic Games also confirmed that its store won’t be providing console games on its platforms. Moreover, there are conflicts with Apple as the company has its own store and doesn’t allow its content to be distributed via a middleman.

But Google is more lenient and will be allowing Epic Games to sell Android apps through the new store. The company is starting with the limited selection of games for the time being but will expand its catalog in the coming year. According to Tim Sweeney, they aim to maintain a threshold.

Epic won’t overwhelm the customer by throwing everything at them. Quality of content is important for Epic’s new store.