Super Smash Bros Ultimate Daisy Guide – Moves List, Combos, How to Play, Counters

In our Super Smash Bros Ultimate Daisy Guide, we talk about what changes have been brought on board for Daisy including her moves, combos, playing as Daisy, and countering her.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate Daisy

This will mark the first playable appearance for Daisy who has appeared in previous games but as Assist Trophies or in cutscenes.

She is an Echo Fighter to Peach, meaning she will inherit a large part of her moves list and show striking similarities in some of the animations as well.

In addition to different colors for her original costume, she will be receiving an alternate costume: an adorable white colored one that is quite similar to Peach’s alternate white costume.

Unlocking Daisy

There are three ways of going about when trying to unlock this character. The first is to defeat Dry Bowser’s Spirit at Dracula’s Castle in the World of Light story mode.

Alternatively, playing through the Classic Mode as Falco will also help you unlock Daisy. Lastly, the third option will be to play multiple matches of Versus Mode as Jigglypuff for unlocking Peach’s Echo Fighter.


Aptly put, Daisy has a more cheerful and upbeat personality compared to Peach. In addition to there being different taunts and victory poses for the two Echo Fighters, Daisy has one less idle yet energetic stance than Peach’s.

Daisy’s moves are always accompanied by flower petals compared to Peach’s hearts. Daisy’s Final Smash also springs up daisies instead of peaches, but largely the animation is the same for both.

In contrast to Peach’s Red Toad, Daisy uses Blue Toad for counters and throws. Finally, the move Daisy Bomber is much faster than Peach Bomber when it is executed while on the ground.

Our SSBU Daisy Guide, as of now, is work-in-progress. We will continue to add more content in the coming days.