Super Smash Bros Ultimate Captain Falcon Guide – Moves List, Combos, Tips

In our Super Smash Bros Ultimate Captain Falcon Guide, we talk about what changes have been brought on board for Captain Falcon including his moves, combos, playing as CF, and countering him.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate Captain Falcon

Captain Falcon is unlocked by employing either of three methods. First is to attempt and rescue the ‘Villager’ in the World of Light mode. Alternatively, playing through the Classic Mode with Fox will unlock Captain Falcon.

Lastly, you can play as Peach in any Versus Mode match multiple times to unlock this character in question. Let us discuss the various changes being applied to Captain Falcon in the latest entry of the long-running fighting game franchise.

Moves and Combos

Flaming Punch Forward Smash is a new offensive move added to the Captain’s tool-set. This a ground-based attack and the character performs a backhanded attack while you can see the cool fiery effects around his hands.

The move has good range and is quick to initiate. His dashes and airspeed have both received a boost in the movement speed.

Raptor Boost now has super armor to absorb hits. However, the downside is that it now causes less knock-back or pushback on hit.


So far, there has been confirmation and reveal of only one alternate costume. The Blood Falcon paints the Captain in red with a cool looking skeleton at the back. He also has various colors of the original costume to choose from.

This SSBU Captain Falcon Guide is a work-in-progress as of now. We will continue to add more content in the coming days.