New South Korean Law Will Put Account Boosters In Jail

South Korea is looking to pass a law that will put accounts boosters of Overwatch, League of Legends, and other online games behind bars.

In South Korea, Overwatch and League of Legends have had a problem with account booting. According to a Korean eSports website, the country will punish who boost their in-game accounts. They can either be put behind bars for two years or fined 20,000,00 won ($18K USD). The law has passed the National Assembly Legislation Review Committee and will soon go into full effect.

According to Assemblyman Lee Dong-seop:

This bill, if passed, will help create a healthy game ecosystem. If the bill passes then all those ads for boosting services on the major portal sites will also be illegal.

Over the past two years, South Korea took measure to make sure it brings down hackers and account boosters. And this law will prove to be a nail in the coffin for these people. Riot Games expressed its support for by saying:

boosters are already suppressed within League of Legends, but this law will help us catch them even better once it’s passed.

Once the law goes into full effect, it will become illegal to boost accounts in South Korea. The law will not only protect casual Overwatch and League of Legends players but also professionals.

It would be interesting to see if other countries follow in the footsteps of South Korea and pass a similar law.