Battlefield 5 Delays Update Hours Before Its Launch Time

Battlefield 5 first major patch that was named Overture has been delayed indefinitely by Dice. Battlefield 5 delays this update just a few mere hours before it was meant to be launched. Clarifying in a tweet that they didn’t want to release an update full of issues and annoyances. Wanting to complete it first. Here’s the official tweet:

The tweet also suggests that the delay may not be for very long. Information hopefully being sent out tomorrow regarding how long we’ll have to wait for the update of Overture. Most of Battlefield’s content is still to be added in free patches of DLC. This includes the Firestorm update, which will be Battlefield 5’s take on the Battle Royale genre.

Now EA confirmed for Battlefield 5 that all the added content in the game would be for free. Free DLC isn’t something anybody expected from EA. No doubt they’re trying to rebrand themselves as a game company that prioritizes quality over profits.

This is a smart move especially considering how bad the backlash for Battlefront 2 was due to in-game microtransactions. The free grind for certain characters being so damn high that it was better to just purchase them with real currency. Making a barrier between those who paid and those who didn’t.

Battlefield 5 has been slightly stagnant in its sales following its release. Not as bad as Fallout 76 but still pretty bad. A lot of players considering it a major step down after Battlefield 1. The controversy surrounding the historical accuracy of the game as well as some PR statements from EA that could have been phrased better also happening.

The Battlefield V update hopefully turns things around for DICE and EA, whenever it releases that is. We’ll know by tomorrow exactly what the situation is. Until then, hopefully, they manage to fix whatever issues they found.