Artifact Beginners Tips and Tricks – Card Colors, Items, Deck Building, End Points

The new card game from Valve is here, and as is the case with all card games, the game is fairly complicated. Do not worry though, as it is still possible for you to quickly grasp all of the basics using our Artifact Beginners Tips and Tricks.

Artifact Beginners Tips and Tricks

Let us start off with the basics. We will tell you what the win conditions are and then follow on with some of the ways through which you can grasp the basics of the game.

Some of these tips will set you off on the right path and you will be able to build on your knowledge very efficiently.

1. How to Win

You can achieve victory in Artifact through 2 possible ways. The first one is by destroying 2 of the enemy’s towers in any 2 lanes.

Each of the towers has an HP of 40, so you will need to deal a total of 80 damage this way to win the game.

Whenever you destroy the enemy tower, you also expose their Ancient. There are a total of 3 Ancients behind a total of 3 towers. If you want, you can also destroy the Ancient to win the game.

This means that you can either do 80 damage across 2 different lanes or deal 120 HP in a single lane while holding onto the other 2 lanes and adequately defending them.

2. DOTA 2 Heroes

As people who have followed the game will know, Artifact is based around DOTA 2. This means that you will have access to hero cards from the game. Since there are 5 heroes in a team, there are a total of 5 heroes per deck in Artifact.

Heroes have certain characteristics that set them apart from the rest of the crowd. Each of them has Signature Cards that are added to your deck whenever you select that certain hero.

Apart from that, they also have passive or active abilities. On top of that, you can make them wear items that will further buff these heroes and help you achieve those victory conditions.

3. Card Colors

Almost all of the cards in the game are tied to a color. There are a total of 4 different colors. It is best to only have 1 or 2 of these colors so that you are able to have a certain playstyle that can be used to defeat your opponent.

Red Cards
These cards tend to focus more on attacking. The heroes that are of the red type have good stats that can be buffed and a very good early game.

However, you need to be careful with red heroes as they can fall off towards the end of the game if not handled carefully.

Blue Cards
These cards tend to focus more on magic. They have spells which deal damage to the enemy and they do not seem to have very high raw stats. You can use these cards to perform status effects such as silence and disarm.

Green Cards
These cards tend to focus more on buffing and healing. They work as support cards that can be used to keep your creeps alive and continuously deal small amounts of damage to the enemy that adds up over time.

Black Cards
These cards are designed to either increase the amount of gold you receive or deal a good amount of damage to enemy heroes.

These cards can also be used to deal damage across lanes, which makes them perfect for certain situations where you must kill or be killed.

4. Pre-Built Decks

Some pre-built decks are specifically made for new players to get accustomed to the game.

New players will not understand the many combinations that can be formed to support one another and be lethal, so they might be better off using these decks for the first few hours.

You will not have all of the cards for these decks, but getting them will not be hard. Go to the Featured tab and go to any of the 6 Call to arms deck. You can then copy their code and load them up when browsing through your collection.

Simply save the deck and then use it once you have acquired all of the cards that are necessary for the deck.

5. Practice

Unless you are one of the old school DOTA 2 players who has spent thousands upon thousands of hours in the game, it will be very difficult for you to understand how to play and win at this game right from the very beginning.

We suggest practicing as much as possible in order to get acquainted with all of the cards and what they do. Card games are mostly about having enough knowledge of all of the moves that your opponent can make.

Use the ‘Solo Play’ option to get to know how the game works and how certain situations play out. Eventually, you will notice how you have improved bit by bit.

6. Understand the Items

Between turns, you will have the chance to shop for various different items.

What you need to do when you start playing the game is to experiment with the cards as much as possible and make sure that you know which kind of items you need for which specific situation.

Once you have all of this experience under your belt, not only will you be able to predict what your opponent is trying to do, but you will be able to purchase the right items that can counter their moves quite easily and turn your disadvantage into an advantage.

7. Starting Off with the Game

When you start the game off, you will have 3 of your first heroes assigned to one of the lanes. They will also have a total of 3 creeps with them. The plays start with the lane on the left side. After that, there are 4 phases.

The first phase has some of the abilities play out. Plague Wards might end up doing damage to players at this point randomly.

After that, you will take your turns to use cards as well as abilities. This happens until both of the players have passed. You can try to pass to bait your opponent into making a move and then you can react to it.

After that, there comes the phase where you fight. All of the units will attack one another at this point and will trade damage. Units will die and towers will take damage at this point as well.

Towards the end, some things are still left that you need to do. Some of the creeps will get more stats and you might get more gold.

8. Next Few Turns

When the next turn comes on, you will have the option of spending some of the gold that you have on items. We have already mentioned items above and you can look at that to see which items you need at every time.

After that, 2 melee creeps are given to lanes and you can assign heroes to certain lanes as you see fit.

You get access to your fourth hero when you are on your second turn and you get access to your fifth hero once you are on your third turn. When your heroes die, they stay dead for a total of one turn and then they are reassigned to a lane of your choice.

The process repeats, and both you as well as your opponent take turns one by one until one of you is declared the winner.

9. Ending Points

Sometimes, it is better if you take the initiative and try to get the fight to your opponent rather than have the fight come to you.

As you play the game, you will begin to understand when to be aggressive and when to wait for your opponent to make a move.

We have already mentioned above how you can pass a turn in order to bait your opponent into making a move.

This will give you the chance to have more information when you are given the chance to spend your gold, and you will be able to make better choices.

In the end, the game is all about who backs down first. However, what makes it interesting is the fact that sometimes, it is better to back down.

This makes the interactions between the players a game of cat and mouse and you are able to outmaneuver your opponent if you have the patience as well as the grind to master the craft of Artifact.