Amazing Red Dead Online Glitch Sums Up Our Feelings About The In Game Costs

Rdr 2’s multiplayer mode has finally released its beta for players to experience. Of course, as with every beta, bugs have been present. This particular Red Dead Online glitch being difficult to choose a reaction to. Should we be horrified? Amused? Both? I wanna go with both, to be honest.

The Red Dead Online glitch involves entering the lobby to a showdown series playlist. During the players spawning into the lobby, you can hear them screaming on their way in. Scream time and length dependant on when they connect.

I’m assuming that the player characters spawn up in the sky and plummet into the lobby. The impact with the ground causing their avatar to appear in the lobby loading screen.

I’d rather Rockstar didn’t fix this Red Dead Online glitch because of how surreal it is. The idea of people just being dropped into the lobby by a virtual God is hilarious on its own as well.

What I said regarding the title, however, is more related to an irk that players have been having since the Red Dead Online launch. Or rather, beta launch.

The costs to do things in the game are rather outrageous. Like the cattleman revolver being almost 300 dollars more expensive in Online than it is in the base game.

This goes against what Rockstar said the pricing will feel like, which emphasized realism for immersion. They succeeded with that idea in RDR 2, but not in Red Dead Online.

Even acts like changing the decor of what your camp looks like ends up costing real money. Currency being needed for minuscule¬†acts is reminiscent of mobile gaming. Something the gaming community of PC and consoles hate. Considering that they’re Rockstar’s core audience means that the last thing the game wants to do is feel like a mobile game.

The reassuring factor in all this is that the current build is only a beta. The whole point of betas is that they’re meant to be a test drive or demo. And that they change based on user feedback. So if enough people express disdain for the pricing, it may change for the full Red Dead Online launch.

At least that’s what we can hope for. Till then, we have this Red Dead Online glitch to have fun with. On the topic of high costs though,¬†here’s an easy way to make a quick buck.