Borderlands 3 Preview At The Video Game Awards 2018? Pretty Please!

My God, I can’t express how much I’ve wanted, no, NEEDED, a sequel to the second Borderlands. Holy hell it’s been nearly six years now since I played it. And Gearbox software has started dropping hints. Fingers crossed for a Borderlands 3 reveal at the Video Game Awards 2018.

Randy Pitchford of Gearbox Software, the studio behind Borderlands, has been on a Twitter spree recently. Dropping hints and not so subtle indicators of something to do with the number 3.

Yeah, Mr. Pitchford, I’m pretty sure the universe is actually your fanbase trying to say that we NEED Borderlands 3. Especially after the showcase of the new game engine at the game developer conference in 2017. That, plus the teaser of Tiny Tina who’ll have a major role in the new game.

Borderlands 1 and 2 were a couple of classic loot’n’shoot first-person games that followed the story of 4 vault hunters on the planet of Pandora. Both games had different groups which both coincided during the events of 2.

Since we saw the release of 2 around six years ago. The only Borderlands we’ve had in between were the Pre-Sequel, a background story to Handsome Jack. As well as Tales from Borderlands, Telltale’s take on the series.

While both those games were spectacular, the Pre-Sequel was more or less just a DLC to Borderlands 2. And tales was just an amazing spin-off. We haven’t gotten a proper continuation, which hopefully oughta happen at the The Game Awards 2018.

Dammit though, imagine the possibilities. Not only are we looking at a new roster and story for Borderlands 3. We could also be seeing the characters from 2 return the same way the characters from 1 did. Zer0 did appear in Tales as a cameo. Hopefully, he has a bigger role in 3 the way Mordecai did in 2.

But holy hell Gearbox, please DO NOT kill Zer0 or Maya. They are both my babies and I will be out for blood if anything happens to them. The same goes for my boy Claptrap.

They do have one hell of a standard to beat though with the writing and characters of 2. I don’t think there’ll ever be an antagonist to surpass Handsome Jack. If there is though, I’ll be very delighted if they manage to do so.

Of course, there’s a lot of things to look forward to with the Video Game Awards 2018. Like the clash for game of the year between God of War and Red Dead Redemption 2. As well as a possible Avengers 4 trailer.