Red Dead Online Unlockables Guide – Horses, Weapons, Cosmetic Items, Ability Cards

Leveling up in RDR2 Online is hard work and you will encounter a lot of challenges before you can earn some decent XP. Owing to that fact, the rewards attached are pretty decent too with each level unlocked granting you a special item. Find out more about these Red Dead Online Unlockables in the guide below:

Red Dead Online Unlockables

Capping at maximum Level 100, there are a lot of ranks to reach and corresponding rewards to unlock. From carrying out missions to completing bounties, each activity in RDR2 Online will earn you experience points.

Earn enough and you will get your hands on one the rewards for leveling up.

The rewards range from weapons and useful equipment to Ability Cards, Horses, and Cosmetic Items. Some level ups will award multiple items.

Do note that these unlocks will allow the items to become available at traders, so you will still need to spend the cash you have hoarded or saved up on all along if you want to purchase the unlocked items.

Listed below are all items unlocked according to the “Rank” you achieve. The first unlock occurs after reaching Level 5 while the last one is reserved for Level 100.

Rank Unlocks
Rank 5 Pump-A9ction Shotgun

Horse: Steel ‘Duck Bill’ Horn

Military Jacket

Rank 6 Belgian Horses: Blond Chestnut Coat and Mealy Chestnut Coat

Military Slouch Hat

Rank 7 Bolt Action Rifle
Rank 8 Throwing Knife, Varmint Rifle

Horse: Cholla Blanket

Crossback Detail Suspenders

Rank 9 Schofield Revolver

Leather Gloves and Richfield Vest

Rank 10 Bow

Horse: Birch ‘Wide Belly’ Horn

Atteberry Lace Boots

Ability Cards: Come Back Stronger and Horseman.

Rank 11 Repeating Shotgun

Horse: Owanjila Blanket

Sheep’s Wool Jacket and Worn Stovepipe Top Hat

Rank 12 Lancaster Repeater

Horses: Dreadlock Mane and Dreadlock Tail

Workman’s Gloves, Deadboot Gun Belt and Tanned Half Chaps

Rank 13 Rolling Block Rifle

Horse Gear: Gerden Rider Spurs; Horse: Birch ‘Dally’ Horn

Buckskin Pants and Wash Skirt.

Rank 14 Horse Gear: Dakota Saddle

Neckerchief, Crossback Suspenders, and Standard 4 Outfit

Live Worms and Fishing Rod

Ability Card: Peak Condition

Rank 15 Cleaver

Shire Horses: Dark Bay Coat, Light Grey Coat, and Manzanita Blanket

Straw Boater Hat

Lean-To Tent

Rank 16 Dynamite

Horse Gear: Work Shirtwaist and Horse Ointment Pamphlet; Horse: Aspen ‘Thick Neck’ Horn

Ability Card: Necessity Breeds

Rank 17 Double-Action Revolver

Knitted Gloves, Horsemanship Gun Belt and Bowler Hat.

Rank 18 Litchfield Repeater

Suffolk Punch Horses: Red Chestnut Coat and Sorrel Coat; Horse Gear: Slim-Line Stirrup, Bayou Blanket, Horse Braided Mane and Horse Braided Tail

Military Half Chaps

Ability Card: Landon’s Patience

Rank 19 Sawed-Off Shotgun

Horse Gear: Stenger Deluxe Spurs

Hathaway Court Boots and Standard 5 Outfit

Rank 20 Binoculars

Horse: Steel ‘Dally’ Horn; Horse Gear: Rio Bravo Blanket

Special Snake Oil Pamphlet

Riding Habit Jacket

Ability Card: Hunker Down

Rank 21 Volcanic Pistol

American Paint Horses: Overo Coat and Tobiano Coat; American Standardbred Horses: Black Coat and Buckskin Coat; Appaloosa Horses: Blanket Coat and Leopard

The Summerfield Outfit, Stalker Hat and Blanket Coat

Rank 22 Semi-Automatic Pistol

Horse: Birch ‘Torquemada’ Horn

Batwing Chaps

Small Game Arrow Pamphlet and A-Frame Tent

Ability Card: To Fight Another Day

Rank 23 Lock Breaker

Horse Gear: Millesani Blanket

Frilly Chemise

Rank 24 Fire Bottle

Hungarian Half-bred Horses: Flaxen Chestnut Coat and Flaxen Piebald Tobiano Coat; Horse: Steel ‘Diablo’ Horn and Deep Roper Stirrup; Horse: Mohawk Mane

Liberty Hat, Bandito Pants, Cuffed Town Pants, Double Breasted Lapelled Vest and Military Surplus 1 Outfit

Ability Card: Slow and Steady

Rank 25 Urban Gloves, Horsemanship Holster and Deadboot Holster
Rank 26 Horse Gear: Gerden Deluxe Spurs and Special Horse Medicine Pamphlet; Horse: Redemption ‘Sindewinder’ Horn and Cotorra Blanket

Fine Leather Suspenders

Ability Card: The Unblinking Eye

Rank 27 Mustang Horses: Tiger Grullo Dun Goat and Wild Bay Coat

Tailored Suit Jacket, Multi-Tone Half Chaps and Tailored Suit Vest

Rank 28 Hatchet

Prairie Skirt

Split Point Pamphlet

Ability Card: Eye for an Eye

Rank 29 Horse Gear: Horse Meal Pamphlet; Horse: Steel ‘Diez Corona’ Horn

Gambler’s Hat

Rank 30 American Paint Horse: Splashed White Coat; Nokota Horses: Blue Roan Coat and White Roan Coat; Tennessee Walker Horse: Flaxen Roan Coat; Thoroughbred Horse: Blood Ray Coat and Dapple Grey Coat; Horse Gear: Roping Saddle

Paisley Vest

Lake Lure, River Lure, and Swamp Lure

Ability Card: The Gift of Focus

Rank 31 Express Cartridges: Pistol Cartridges, Repeater, Revolver and Rifle

MacMillan Buttoned Boots, Range Gloves and Drifter Hat

Rank 32 Machete

Horse: Maple ‘Torquemada’ Horn and Belled Oxbow Stirrup, Horse Gear: Upgraded Saddle Bag

Rope Gun Belt

Special Miracle Tonic Pamphlet

Ability Card: Strange Medicine

Rank 33 French Cuffed Jacket
Rank 34 Mauser Pistol

Horse Gear: Special Horse Stimulant Pamphlet

Rope Holster and Worn Rolled Pants

Ability Card: Take the Pain Away

Rank 35 Horse: Oxbow Stirrup

Stride Hat, Ribbon Tie, Dress Tie, Bow Tie and Frill Shirtwaist

Rank 36 Tomahawk

Andalusian Horse: Dark Bay Coat; Ardennes Horse: Bay Roan Coat; Dutch Warmblood Horse: Seal Brown and Sooty Buckskin Coat; Horse Gear: Trail Saddle, Tall Lean-To Tent

Potent Herbivore Bait Pamphlet

Ability Card: Cold Blooded

Rank 37  

Fire Bottle Pamphlet and Special Spinner

Horse Gear: Vaquero Spurs

Hightop Moccasins, Folded String Tie and Neck Scarf

Rank 38 Springfield Rifle

Cutter Hat, Travelling Opulence 1 Outfit, Travelling Opulence 2 Outfit and Travelling Opulence Theme

Ability Card: The Short Game

Rank 39 American Standardbred Horse: Palomino Dapple Coat; Hungarian Halfbred Horse: Dark Dapple Grey

Puff Tie and Patched Overalls

Rank 40 Horse: Brass Eagle Horn; Horse Gear: Bell Stirrup

Bandit Gun Belt, Derby High Hat, and Neat String Tie

Ability Card: Of Single Purpose

Rank 41 High Velocity Cartridges: Pistol, Repeater, Revolver and Rifle.

Ascot Tie and Buckskin King Vest

Special Lake Lure, Special River Lure, Special Swamp Lure

Rank 42 Semi-Auto Shotgun

Horse Gear: Vaquero Saddle

Cavalry Gloves, Cayuga Hat and Bandit Holster

Potent Predator Bait Pamphlet

Ability Card: Hangman

Rank 43 Andalusian Horse: Rose Grey Coat; Appaloosa Horse: Brown Leopard Coat and Leopard Coat; Horse Gear: Safety Stirrup

The Kimberly Outfit and Ruched Blouse

Rank 44 Slug Shotgun

Classic Frock Coat and Gunslinger Gun Belt

Ability Card: Quite an Inspiration

Rank 45 Poison Throwing Knife Pamphlet


Rank 46 Horse Gear: Special Horse

Reviver Pamphlet and Gathered Bandana

Ability Card: Never Without One

Rank 47 Bolero Hat and Gunslinger Holster
Rank 48 Mustang Horse: Tiger Striped Bay Coat; Nokota Horse: Reverse Dapple Roan Coat; Horse Gear: Tapaderos Stirrup

Western Shirtwaist

Ability Card: Winning Streak

Rank 49 Watonga Boots

Open-Air Lean-To Tent

Rank 50 Carcano Rifle

Trimmed Bandana, Explorer Gun Belt and Short Stovepipe Top Hat

Special Health Cure Pamphlet

Ability Card: Slippery Bastard

Rank 51 51 Thoroughbred Horse: Brindle Coat; Horse Gear: Mother Hubbard Saddle

Opulent Vest

Rank 52 Volatile Fire Bottle Pamphlet

Explorer Holster

Rank 53 Loose Patch Coat
Rank 54 Ardennes Horse: Strawberry Roan Coat; Dutch Warmblood Horse: Chocolate Roan Coat; Horse Gear: Hooded Stirrup

Patterned Bandana

Special Bitters Pamphlet

Rank 55 American Paint Horse: Grey Overo Coat; American Standardbred Horse: Silver Tail Buckskin Coat

Western Homburg Hat

Covered Lean-To Tent

Rank 56 Turkoman Horse: Dark Bay Coat

Bolger Holster

Rank 57 Poison Arrow Pamphlet

Horse Gear: McClelland Saddle

Eufaula Buckled Boots

Rank 58 Missouri Fox Trotter Horse: Amber Champagne and Silver Dapple Pinto Coat
Rank 59 Fitted Pants
Rank 60 Fire Arrow Pamphlet

Turkoman Horse: Gold Coat and Silver Coat; Horse Gear: Dakota Saddle

Sheepskin Vest

Rank 61 Bolger Gun Belt
Rank 62 Wide Collar Shirtwaist
Rank 63 Tempest Coat
Rank 64 Horse Gear: Ranch Cutter Saddle

Worn Pistol Gun Belt

Covered Tent

Rank 65 The Roanoke Outfit

Fast Travel Point for Camp

Rank 66 Arabian Horse: White Coat

Woven Pistol Holster

Rank 67 Wide Legged Pants
Rank 68 Sportsman’s Boots
Rank 69 Horse Gear: Roping Saddle
Rank 70 Arabian Horse: Black Coat
Rank 71 Studded Explorer Gun Belt
Rank 72 Shotgun Coat
Rank 73 Doily Shirtwaist
Rank 74 Horse Gear: Trail Saddle

Lumber Boots

Rank 75 N/A
Rank 76 Studded Explorer Holster
Rank 77 Volatile Dynamite Pamphlet
Rank 78 Horse Gear: Vaquero Saddle
Rank 79 Woolen Sweater
Rank 80 Incendiary Buckshot Pamphlet
Rank 81 Embossed Gunslinger Gun Belt
Rank 82 Tornado Belt
Rank 83 Dufort Jacket
Rank 84 Explosive Slug Pamphlet
Rank 85 N/A
Rank 86 Embossed Gunslinger Holster
Rank 87 Outdoorsmen Vest
Rank 88 Sharpshooter Gun Belt
Rank 89 Preacher’s Boots
Rank 90 Express Explosive Pamphlet
Rank 91 Sharpshooter Holster and Leather Pant
Rank 92 The Breckenridge Outfit and Bison Duster Coat
Rank 93 Dynamite Arrow Pamphlet
Rank 94 Embossed Horsemanship Gun Belt
Rank 95 N/A
Rank 96 Leather Duster and Embossed Horsemanship Holster
Rank 97 Tassled Coupar Boots
Rank 98 Studded Bandit Gun Belt
Rank 99 Studded Bandit Holster
Rank 100 N/A